What do these guys eat?

Capt. Gopinath, B.K Modi , Rajeev Chandrasekhar … well these people are not serial killers but serial make & exit entrepreneurs, they build a company, exit at a right price, then move to another business then repeat process 1 again in record time.

One may debate their ethics or style and class of functioning but the bottomline is that they are an inspiration and deserve the credit for creating serial entrepreneurship .

Capt Gopinath

1. Sold 26% stake in Air Deccan with Kingfisher Airlines for 550 Crore.

2.   Started Deccan Cargo Airlines within 6 months of the stake sale, which he is looking for PE and might go public soon.

BK Modi

Sold Spice Tele to Idea. Stock price zoomed from 25 to 75 in month
One week later ,Plans to sell Spice Mobile to Sony Ericsson. Stock price currently at 25, will it got the spice Tele way, anybody’s guess.

Rajeev Chandrasekhar

after selling BPL to Essar for a billion USD , started his own venture  fund and invested & founded  in many companies.

Asianet, Suvarna, Radio Indigo, Print publishing,Hindustan Infrastructure and Project Engineering- HIPE, India Infrastructure and Logistics, Jupiter piter Aviation, Vimana Vidhya, Jupiter Stratech, Tayana Software Solutions,Surya Samudra resorts.

What these guys done is nothing outstanding considering they hit a jackpot in thier venture, but the supersonic speed at which they started thier new ventures and continue to do so is the most commendable part.

One might wonder fuck I got lucky with a few millions lemme juss chill in Mauritius or Bahamas and have some wild parties, but I guess these guys have things other plans.

Other serial entrepreneurs/investors  I admire are Rakesh Mathur, Kanwal Rekhi, Maniratnam lookalike Ram Shriram .

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