Vada-Pav ……..Unification Snack of Bombay!!

You may ask wots da big deal about the vada-pav, well I think its the only true symbol of Bombay and is indeed cosmopolitan from every possible angle.

The marathi Manoos makes the vada.
The Moslem makes the Pav.
The Parsi-Irani most probably owns the Bakery that makes the pav.
The Goan is called Pavwallah.
You,me and 14 million other Bombayites eat the Vada Pav every other day.

Can you show me anyother food or snack jo itna kuch karta hai??

My Best Vada Pav joints
1. Outside Mithibai college – Wid butter, green chutney, sauce, rocket chutney
2. Sri Krishna, Dadar – only vada no pav, but ek dum mast… .
3. Jumbo Vada Pav, Thane – Jumbo wid lotsa Kanda
4. Outside CTO office, Fountain – Hot and tasty eat with the mirchi.
5. Outside Dadar Stn (platform #1) – Sukha chutney is asli Ghati masala with lasun (garlic)

I haven’t tried the Jumbo Vada pav from the franchises around the city, so dunno how it is… Its said to be made perfect and untouched by humans, I guess that could be the reason Bombay doesn’t eat it :))

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  1. Yumilicious is the word for wadapav…One of my frends got a job in North and belive me everytime he comes to Bombay the first thing he talks abt is wada pav… Bombay wud b nothing w/o wada pav :))Cheerz,PP.

  2. got to your blog from freegeek's on live journal. this pic and the description made my mouth water at 5 a.m. in the morning ! i am craving vada-paav now ! *drools*btw, my parents tell me that the sri krishana vada is exorbitantly expensive now. that's a bummer. 🙁

  3. sri krishna is dadar is good.. but damn crowded… I wouldn't want a pick pocket to have a field day at my expense…btw do you have a blog of ya own??

  4. is any businessman willing to start a chain of vada-paav centres apart from mumbai???customers are ready…. 🙂

  5. I think people outside Bombay think that by eating Vada Pav one becomes rocking and crazy…..There are a Jumbo Vada pav franchise.. you can ask him to start own in your city :))

  6. hey hats off to u man…I loved the way u projected preparatory process ;)….I often try to have in Pune..but this time will do Mithibai..need to make a note of tht ;)Thnx but pic..makes me more tempting lol

  7. vry frst thing awesome pic man…vada pav indeed is da bst n da cheapest food ny1 cud hav..theres absolute no doubt about its taste..but economic wise also stands way ahead…3 cheers 2 vada pav..HAV iT 2 BELIEVE IT…u wont regret …. suki

  8. I think is vada pav is a snack where all the communites ,all the ages ,from poorest to richest love this snack. The best vada pav i have had

    Ashok – dadar kirti

    since the chatni he mixes has 17 items and it makes u want for more.

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