To stop train pay touts!

This can happen only in Bombay where Money Talks and Bullshit Walks!!!

There is another scam which you might be aware of … All North and East going trains have their lights off beofre the trains departs , goons and seat grabbers sell the seats from 50 bucks onwards and bash up people randomly…. upto 6 people sit in a row meant for 3, They are well supported and protected by the Cops ….
I was traveling in Howrah express from VT to Raipur but since I spoke in Marathi I was given a discount of 10 bucks by the Gonnda Seat Grabber… 40 bucks for a seat till Raipur, sleep on the seat..journey of 30 hours … no room to pee or brush.. jam packed wid people on every possible place.. People taking turns to pee from the windows after warning the guys in next window…
Absolutely sad stuff…
I hope Dhakkan Airways and Jhat Airways reduce their prices to 1000 bucks without any contests or stupid raffle draws….
REad DNA’s has this nice piece of investigative reporting

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