Tirupati temple takes to online commodity trading!

Finally the gods have also started investing in Futures , the next logical step would be shares, debt markets, VC funding.

It would be great if all temple, mosques, churches, gurudwara’s were listed on SenSex,Nifty and managed by pro’s and real gurus of management.

My top 5 list would be:

1. Tirupati

2. Sabrimala

3. Vaishnodevi

4. Shiri Sai Baba

5. Golden Temple

6.Ajmer Sharief

7. Vailankanni church

8. St. Micheals (mahim)

9. SiddhiVinayak

10. Charar e sharief (kashmir)


Tirupati temple takes to online commodity trading!

4 Replies to “Tirupati temple takes to online commodity trading!”

  1. religion is big business … 6 billion people around da world cant b wring na… i'm also mulling options to start one :)10 is twice coz it sounds tan tan…. actually its a typos :))

  2. hahah I know its typo but liked ur justification 😉 tan tan haha lolReg radioblog I will update u on weekend..;)till then enjoy kabhi kabhi 😀

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