The Games – Stock Market & Cricket

There is one thing the great Sunny Gavaskar used to always comment whenever our slip fielders dropped catches, whenever it was slashed hard by the opponent batsmen outside the off stump “Its the timing of the jump that’s important.. not too early not too late.. Its the timing of the jump my friend”
I always remembered that even while standing lazily as a keeper or in the slip and even with the Stock Markets.

I entered when the Markets were at 3000 fell to 2500 and the roller coaster ride to 14500 and back now…. I have managed to get in and get out a few times lucky, Right now the market seems damn tempting to plunge but I’m reminded of Sunny’s great words..
I will watch the action from the Pavilion and maybe enter in a few months.

What are your views on the markets and the Sexy Sensex do feel free to scribble in the comments.

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