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Playing the Game….

Got addicted to  Stock market game called StokMark on the BBC Micro computer.

1994 Harshad Mehta Era
Invested and followed the markets like hell, was in 10th Std invested uncles 40k, ran a small fund in school, lost most of it primarily in ITC Agro, spent 2 years kinda repaying it.

1999-2000  Ketan Parekh Boom
Din’t participate in the Rally, watched the game from the boundary & besides had no money to invest.

Rally with no name, Lets call it the Rakesh Jhunjhunwala Era or India Shining Rally.
Started investing when the Index was at 3000, was part of the Dot Com Burst invested mostly in Penny stocks & Financial Technology (@20) , Index fell to 2500…Lost a bit initially

Did some Program Trading with a Friend at a Stock Broker, did volumes of 4 cr.. due to some wrong calculations and bugs lost around 50k

Cleared entire portfolio at 6000,  7000, 9000..before every minor correction, Got lucky with Financial Technology, Sold it &  invested in Real Estate just before the Property Rally.

Moved all investment to Commodities, Lost 1.5 lakhs moved back to Stocks when index was at 9000.

Removed a big chunk in 2007 for wedding and repaying of Credit cards.

Didn’t sell portfolio when the index hit 21000, moved to a new job, sold some stock to pay credit card debts, continue to hold most of it ( Compulink, Forbes & Mcdowells), Portfolio down by half.

I think I can wait for a year or two 🙂

I still think Equities are still the best & fastest legally one can make large sums money and aim at fulfilling their dreams quickly , this is primarily what drives millions in India to invest inspite of the dangers and risks both known and unknown…

Today people might say WTF, but when a few people start investing and a few matkas happen , the Mania will start all over again with a new idea, new names , new strategy, new players etc etc ..

Like the Old Lady of BoriBunder says “What a Game, Majaa aaya na”


Stock Market Jokes

In these trying times of Doom & Gloom some Funny SMS’s doing the rounds .

If Mahatma Gandhi had ever given thought 2 the Stock Market…
He would have added to his famous three… a fourth monkey with hands covering his Ass…!

Yrs ago people who sacrified their sleep, family, food and happiness were called SAINTS…. Today they r called shareholders

Good time to invest in stocks of Rupa Frontline, VIP underwear, Jockey briefs etc. ‘Sab ki chaddi utar gayi hai. So, everyone will buy a new one

Jab apko potty na aye,
aap baithe baithe thak jaye, presure b nahi aye,
yaad karna stock market,shayad apki gaand fat jaye aur kaam ho jae.

 The stock markets are now like an old man’s dick – just refusing to rise!
And the irony is that everybody is still getting fucked! ;-).


My own Little Investment – Compulink

Why I love this company:

• Low Priced Product Company

•Niche Products

•75% discount to IPO Price

•Dividend Paying (5%)

•Book Value higher than CMP

•Real Estate unlocked Value

•Strong Promoters – Vishwas Mahajan, Achyut Godbole

•Microsoft strong partnership

•Valuation: @26 Crore market Cap looks very cheap considering Cash from IPO, Real Estate Value & Zero Debt

Roshan had first introduced this scrip to me a few years ago, kinda participated in the rally from @ 18 to 50 and back to current levels.

The company mentions in its balance sheet that its different from the other Indian IT companies who are more into IT Services and allied stuff, Compulink is a product company, a different ball game.

This is the kinda company that surely seems like good value investment if you are in it for the long haul.

Would love to hear to your views/inputs on the scrip.


Where are we headed ??

Is this the bottom of the fall or is this just the begining like 2000.

When it crashed in 2000 it bottomed out in 2003,  Oil is at 140 $ is 200$ the next target.

Will the Congress Government Fall, Will will have mid-term election, Are we gonna sign the Nuke Deal with USA.

Will the Republicans win the elections in US.

When will the war in Iraq get over.

Has the sub-prime chaos been settled?

Are were gonna see more Bear Stearns happenings.

The mood is down, everything looks gloomy, No one talks about the market anymore…

…. But then there is a saying, “Be greedy when others are fearful and Fearful when others are greedy”… Just wondering if today is the time.