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Postcards from Kerala

Green Green

I think God used up all his green crayons while making Kerala.

Watering Hole

Toddy is around everywhere.

Gold, Silks and Flex
You’ll find large Billboards every 20 mts 90% about Gold, Silks and Mohanlal.

Hot Chips & Jack Fruit
Chakna for Drinks

Land  Grabbing
Land grabbing is a common pastime for relatives and neighbors, Our neighbors used to grab small portions every year by moving their fence ahead, we finally made a concrete wall.

Local Coool Drinks

Local made cool drinks sell more than Pepsi, the famous green bottle goti soda is not to be seen.

No JCB can do this work

The loyal elephant is still around, I don’t see the JCB doing this work ever in Kerala

Tranc colors all over.

Kerala is full of wicked colors like fluorescent pink, green and lime yellow.


Kerala Diary

I made a short trip to Kerala for my cousin’s wedding last weekend.  I do admit that   I may not have the expertise  to judge people or let alone any tribe.

But I have all the right to make some  observations about Mallus, The tribe  which I’m quite proud to be a part of.

  • Gold, Silk and Mammoth Flex Banners are the only visible business in Kerala
  • The most decent and orderly people  are found standing in the Booze Shop queues.
  • Mallu newsreaders are a million times louder than Arnab Goswami.
  • .94 secs is the average time taken by a mallus to finish a large peg.
  • Kalayani strong is the  most popular beer and the Kerala Govt has cut booze prices by 10%
  • Baby Shalini Hair style is still en-vogue even, every second kid had the hairstyle .
  • This is the only place in the planet where you greet tired and dehydrated guests with boiling colored drinking water.
  • Humidity is 120%
  • God just used his dark green crayons while coloring Kerala.
  • An average of 20 wedding guests can easily travel in a Toyota Qualis.
  • Mallu wedding ceremony is max  of 40 seconds, The heat and humidity doesn’t permit more than that.
  • Arrack been banned, Workers drinking FMIL has lead  to increase in minimum wage from 100 bucks to 350 bucks.
  • Cochin Airport has one of the best airport lounge seats.
  • Pallakkad supports Mumbai Indians.
  • When the cameraman says smile every mallu female makes a sincere effort to hide her teeth even if she has normal ones.
  • I saw more cricket been played than Football.

I hope the next time  I  have  more time to spend and  to travel the entire coastline, tea  gardens and drink Toddy 🙂