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McDonald’s Coupon Promo code

Compilation of list of promotional offers on McDonalds India

mcdonalds promo code coupon
mcdonalds promo code coupon


Coupon Code – MCDw02/MCDW01
Get Mcveggie/Mcchicken Free On Every Online Order

Coupon Code – FFW15
Get A Mcchicken Or Mcveggie On Purchace Of Rs. 100 Or More Through Online Or Mobile Order

Coupon Code – FF11
Medium Soft Serve Free.
Buy Any Mcspicy Meal And Get Medium Soft Serve Free Worth Rs. 54
Coupon Code – ff12
Piri Piri Mix And Veg Sauce Free.
Buy Any Value Meal And Get Piri Piri Mix And Veg Sauce Free

Happy Ordering 🙂


Need your help – The Sapling Project

Dear Friend,

Money doesn’t grow on trees, but with a little money We can grow a lot of Trees,.

We have only reached 25% of our  fund raising target, We would appreciate if you could donate any amount to help our cause and & Support us for our next Sapling project drive.

We request everyone to please share the donation link on your timeline, Twitter and friends.

Thanks once again for your support.

regards, satish

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Stock idea – BNK Capital

BNK Capital (BSE Code: 500069) holds investments worth around 120 crores, While its market cap is only 27 crores.

Usually holding companies are valued at a discount but not at such levels, At the CMP of 27.45  BNK Capital is quoting at around 23% of its investment value is a bargain investment.

Investment Holding Sheet

Annual Report 2010-11

Do let me know your views/feedback.

Disclosure – I own shares in BNK Capital.



Times of India Front Page – Aman ki Asha

Aman ki Asha is a great start for 2010.

Indo-Pak peace initiative by Times of India and Jang Group.

Hope this Track II diplomacy bring people together gives us the much delayed peace dividend in 2010.

I think this is great start by the Old lady of Boribunder and Jang, It surely needs some courage and guts to do something which can surely piss off many people including Right Wing & Religious parties on both sides.

More power to Times & Jang !!


Jatra 2009 @ IC Colony

Went for the Jatra at IC Church, Sharing some Snaps, Could explore much of the fair as it was damn crowded and really crazy mobs, anyways sharing a few shots.

Some of the pics are not clear as it was shot in the evening and I think its time for me to get a Nikon D3000.

P.s I did win 50 bucks and a Gift  in the Housie for Middle Line 🙂

IC Church
IC Church

Candles @ IC Church
Candles and other Wax offerings.

Inside Church
Inside Church

Sweets @ Jatra
Sweets @ Jatra

Shingada - Chestnuts
Shingada aka Chestnuts
WMDs - Apti Bombs

Apti Bombs – WMD’s

Previous Jatra Posts

IC Colony –>

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Monsoon Checklist : Are you ready?

The Monsoon checklist for Bombayites :-
1. Test Umbrella, if rusted make Bow & Arrow’s or repair them.
2. Clear n Sell off your old Raddi, they might be worthless when wet.
3. Tie Cloth or Towel to you LAN Cables, Water might come into your Desktop and Inbox.
4. Buy extra Chaddis, you don’t want  to encourage B-Tex Lotion Sales.
5. Get Kiwi Drainex to clear choked Kitchen Sinks.
6. Beware of Potholes, Open Manholes & BMC.
7. Listen to the song but avoid Aksa beach.
8. Anti Rust to your Bike/Cycle.
9. Buy Sandak Shoes from Bata.
10. Raincoat for your Mobile Phone, Better option to buy the 1200 Bucks Mobile for June-August.
11. Switch back to Cable TV; DishTV & Tata Sky tend to conk off during rains.
12. Get Old Monk Rum.
13. Keep extra pair of Shoes, Bermuda & Tooth paste at office.
14. A million people will call you to Bushy Dam, get used to it.
15. Don’t Smoke, Wet ciggies will kill you faster.
16. Avoid travel to low lying areas like Kalina, King Circle, Chinchpokli or Lower Parel
17. Find Love or Get a partner, Humans tend to get horny this season.

Now that you are ready, Go ahead and enjoii the most beautiful and awaited season in our great city.

P.s Do feel free to add to the checklist : )


Movement To Awaken Mumbai’s Voters n Bring About Change

Voter List of Maharashtra |

A portal which took 5 years , scores of partnerships and hundreds of volunteers to make it possible. Tracking of 915 politicians, 3681 articles, video interviews, and election manifestos of parties make it the most comprehensive portal on Mumbai’s political accountability.

These guys have  profiled politicians, both elected and those running for an MP, MLA’s & Corporators.

Everything they have done is profiled with news clippings and for many of them, videos as well. There’s a rating for them based on a well researched methodology. The objective is two fold:

1. To inspire young voters to vote by making information about their candidates accessible.
2. To make politicians accountable for a very serious job that they take up when they file their nomination papers. thus answers simple to the most complicated queries related to elections such as;

  • What has your Elected Representative done for their constituency since they got elected?
  • How does one measure performance versus promise? is a must visit portal for political studies students, researchers, analysts, journalists, social activist and any awakened individual who wants to know and then to make a difference. So, let the guessing cease. Let the truth unleash. From now on, Mumbai – Don’t just Vote. Select

If you guys need any more info or want to  replicate this in other cities of India , Do feel  contact: or call Satyen K. Bordoloi: +91 9967970320 or Vikas Sharma: +919833600617

DO feel free to cross post/copy/spread & post on Facebook,Orkut, Twitter,Mails etc 🙂


Jatra @ I.C.Colony Feast, Borivli

I go here every year, Infact been going here since I was a kid
This year things have been very quiet and somber due the tragedy in Bombay and overall recession.

But the usual fun and games are still around the same wax candle, chana, sweets, housie games, Ferris wheel, magic shows, Maut ka Kua, Aapti Bombs, Loud whistles…

Trivia :-
The original IC church was built in 1547, destroyed in 1739 by the Marathas and rebuilt in 1888.

Sharing some snapshots

Giant Wheel

Giant Wheel

Well of Death

Well of Death

Shoot Baloons

Baloons Shoot

Sweets Stall

Sweet Stalls

St outside Church

Street outside IC Church


More Sweets

Apti Bombs

Apti Bombs

Lady selling Singada

Lady selling Singada

Wax Offerings

Wax Offerings

Grotto, I.C Church

Groto,IC Church

Inside IC Church

Inside IC Church

Candles & Wax offerings

Colorful Wax Offerings