Kalaghoda Arts Festival 7th -15th Feb 2009

The Nine day annual fest begins today :-
What you can expect : Gallery and pavement shows, exhibitions, literary events, film screenings, music concerts, dance performances, theatre shows, workshops, heritage walks, a food fiesta, and a buzzing street festival bring in audiences and participants from all over the city.

The Schedule :

7th February, 2009

8th February, 2009

9th February, 2009

10th February, 2009

11th February, 2009

12th February, 2009

13th February, 2009

14th February, 2009

15th February, 2009

Or you can also check this

http://spreadsheets.google.com/ccc?key=p_esnE-3Z3p9fs8UClL1RPw&hl=en (courtesy @thakkar)

More Details : http://www.kalaghodaassociation.com/