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Best Shawarma in Bombay – Uncle Max

Located in IC Colony, Borivali, Uncle Max sells one the best chicken Shawarma’s in Bombay.

Hot Kubbus

Chicken Shawarma

Slice em.

Anytime if you are in Borivali area, Do check  it out  along with the great Shawarmas, you might also get some insights on Uncle’s stories & experiences in Gulf 🙂
Rates :
Shawarma with Kubbus – 55 bucks.
Shawarma with Roll – 30 bucks.
Fed up with Aunties asking him to put more and more chicken he has added a new item on the menu card its called “Deluxe Shawarma and Deluxe Roll”
Basically is the same thing but has more chicken and costs 5 bucks more 🙂
Location : Opp Fish market, IC Colony, Borivali West.

Mumbai’s best Vada Pav

Mumba’s best Vada Pav, originally uploaded by Bombaylives.

Mumbai’s Best Vada Pav @ I.C Colony, Borivali

I met and congratulated Nitin Patil, the man behind the yummy vada pav in our colony 🙂

Update: Nitin Patil, IC Colony’s Vada Pav guy has won the 1st prize, Its a nice feeling to know that I’ve been eating the best vada pav in Bombay all my life 🙂

Bombay Times Article on the Results

Pav Wow - Nitin Patil

Nitin Patil thanking fans for the SMS votes.

Pav Wow - Nitin Patil


Christmas Colours!!

Sharing some snapshots of Christmas from my area ( I.C Colony, Borivali, Bombay)

Mary & Chapel

St. Francis Chapel
St Francis Chapel

I.C Church
IC Church

Choice - Glory Centre
Hub of Activity – Choice -Glory Centre

Santa on bike
Santa on Bike

Crib 2 - St Francis
Crib # 2

Crib - St Francis
Crib @ St Francis

IC Street
IC Street

IC Colony Crib
IC Crib (not at the usual location)

IC's Famous Vada Pao Wala
IC Colony’s famous Vada Pao vala.

Location :

IC Colony –>

St Francis D’assisi School  –>