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Best Shawarma in Bombay – Uncle Max

Located in IC Colony, Borivali, Uncle Max sells one the best chicken Shawarma’s in Bombay.

Hot Kubbus

Chicken Shawarma

Slice em.

Anytime if you are in Borivali area, Do check  it out  along with the great Shawarmas, you might also get some insights on Uncle’s stories & experiences in Gulf 🙂
Rates :
Shawarma with Kubbus – 55 bucks.
Shawarma with Roll – 30 bucks.
Fed up with Aunties asking him to put more and more chicken he has added a new item on the menu card its called “Deluxe Shawarma and Deluxe Roll”
Basically is the same thing but has more chicken and costs 5 bucks more 🙂
Location : Opp Fish market, IC Colony, Borivali West.

Mumbai’s best Vada Pav

Mumba’s best Vada Pav, originally uploaded by Bombaylives.

Mumbai’s Best Vada Pav @ I.C Colony, Borivali

I met and congratulated Nitin Patil, the man behind the yummy vada pav in our colony 🙂

Update: Nitin Patil, IC Colony’s Vada Pav guy has won the 1st prize, Its a nice feeling to know that I’ve been eating the best vada pav in Bombay all my life 🙂

Bombay Times Article on the Results

Pav Wow - Nitin Patil

Nitin Patil thanking fans for the SMS votes.

Pav Wow - Nitin Patil


Carnival ‘10 @ I.C Colony, Borivali

Like I say every year, The only place in India apart from Goa, where the Carnival is held is  in IC Colony , Borivali (w).

This year participation was bit low key but the mood was vibrant as always, and yes the usual suspects Karnataka Bank , ICICI and HDFC floats were also there 🙂

Though I missed the evening celebrations, Managed to catch the Carnival Float Parade.

This year King Momo was  Kukud.

Sharing some images :-

King Momo
King Momo

EyeSee Elephant
EyeSee Elephant – Our Cable + Internetwala

Save Our Planet
Save Our Planet

Eugenie Bldg
Eco Bus – Eugenie Bldg

Protect our Environment- VOIC
VOIC – Protect Our Environment

Kids at Carnival
Kids at Carnival

Vocal VOIC
Vocal VOIC

Suraj's Float
Suraj’s Float

AC DC & Iron Man
AC Dc Iron Man ??

AC DC Float

Check out more pics here : IC COLONY


Christmas Colours!!

Sharing some snapshots of Christmas from my area ( I.C Colony, Borivali, Bombay)

Mary & Chapel

St. Francis Chapel
St Francis Chapel

I.C Church
IC Church

Choice - Glory Centre
Hub of Activity – Choice -Glory Centre

Santa on bike
Santa on Bike

Crib 2 - St Francis
Crib # 2

Crib - St Francis
Crib @ St Francis

IC Street
IC Street

IC Colony Crib
IC Crib (not at the usual location)

IC's Famous Vada Pao Wala
IC Colony’s famous Vada Pao vala.

Location :

IC Colony –>

St Francis D’assisi School  –>


Jatra 2009 @ IC Colony

Went for the Jatra at IC Church, Sharing some Snaps, Could explore much of the fair as it was damn crowded and really crazy mobs, anyways sharing a few shots.

Some of the pics are not clear as it was shot in the evening and I think its time for me to get a Nikon D3000.

P.s I did win 50 bucks and a Gift  in the Housie for Middle Line 🙂

IC Church
IC Church

Candles @ IC Church
Candles and other Wax offerings.

Inside Church
Inside Church

Sweets @ Jatra
Sweets @ Jatra

Shingada - Chestnuts
Shingada aka Chestnuts
WMDs - Apti Bombs

Apti Bombs – WMD’s

Previous Jatra Posts

IC Colony –>


Global Vipassana Pagoda : Gorai

After all the  TV coverage of the President inaguration of the Global Vipassana Pagoda, Me and Deepthi decided to make a visit there. There are 2 ways to get to the Pagoda (near Esselworld, Gorai) 1. Via Ferry From Gorai Creek 2. Via road  Bhayandar – Uttan – Gorai (details on site ) Good Things About the Pagoda

  • The 325 feet majestic monument really stands out and will surely drive more tourists.
  • Its the world’s largest stone dome built without any supporting pillars
  • Over 8k people can meditate inside the Pagoda.
  • Genuine Buddha relics enshrined in the Pagoda.
  • There are no entry fees or charges of any kind.
  • Free Bus from Car Park to the Pagoda
  • Located in a great location with great view and really breezy place.

Things to remember :

  • You cant meditate or enter the dome unless you have completed the 10 day vipassana course.
  • Visitors can just roam around the Pagoda and see the people meditating inside the dome.
  • Lotsa work is still pending and it resembles a big under construction project, It should be at least a year or two till everything looks like the pictures in the Brochures.

I will definitely wanna  do the 10 day course subject to getting leave from work 🙂 Some snapshots of the Global Pagoda Global Pagoda DSC03738 Pagoda : Work in Progress DSC03739 DSC03743 DSC03755 DSC03756


Carnival ’09 @ I.C Colony, Borivali

The only place in India apart from Goa, where the Carnival is held is  in IC Colony , Borivali (w).

Though this year there were more Advertising floats than People’s parade floats maybe due to low prize money or the overall recession. Nevertheless the turnout and people participation in the parade was decent.

After the parade the event moves to the ground where there’s music ,dance, games, fun & Food. There no booze allowed anymore but people do manage to smuggle in. Update – booze was available @ da carnival, Tiger beer stall and local bar counter @ reasonable rates, Every body had a bottle or peg in their hand.

Carnival Details:
Where: BMC Ground, Opp Rishi Complex, Holy X Rd, Borivali (w).
When: 21st & 22nd Feb 2009-02-21
What time: 6 pm Onwards
Damages: 50 bucks, if you are Eyesee Vision Customer, Pls go n collect your free ticket.

Sharing some snapshots of the Carnival Parade.

Band leading the Parade
Band leading the Parade

King Momo
King Momo's Float
King MOMO & Co

VOIC Float
VOIC Float

Eyesee Elephant
Haathi mere Saathi

Communal Harmony Float
Communal Harmony Float

Communal Harmony Float
Still haven’t figured out how Kasab got in the float?

Anti- Leprosy Float
Anti-Leprosy Float

Old Monk Pirates
Old Monk Pirates

Vintage Football Club
Vintage Football Club

To see all Photos

King Momo : Not the ones you eat at Tibetian joints, read this , here in IC Colony its normally the guy who been around for a while and bit famous. ( Earlier Momo’s include Martin from Martin Driving school and Oscar from IC Medical , Louis from Louis stores (need to confirm on that)
Float : A float is a decorated platform, either built on a tempo, Rickshaw, Bullock- cart, or towed behind a moving vehicle

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Jatra @ I.C.Colony Feast, Borivli

I go here every year, Infact been going here since I was a kid
This year things have been very quiet and somber due the tragedy in Bombay and overall recession.

But the usual fun and games are still around the same wax candle, chana, sweets, housie games, Ferris wheel, magic shows, Maut ka Kua, Aapti Bombs, Loud whistles…

Trivia :-
The original IC church was built in 1547, destroyed in 1739 by the Marathas and rebuilt in 1888.

Sharing some snapshots

Giant Wheel

Giant Wheel

Well of Death

Well of Death

Shoot Baloons

Baloons Shoot

Sweets Stall

Sweet Stalls

St outside Church

Street outside IC Church


More Sweets

Apti Bombs

Apti Bombs

Lady selling Singada

Lady selling Singada

Wax Offerings

Wax Offerings

Grotto, I.C Church

Groto,IC Church

Inside IC Church

Inside IC Church

Candles & Wax offerings

Colorful Wax Offerings