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Why are rental yields so low in Mumbai?

My Answer on Quora

Bombay is the city that doesn’t sleep but yet is the City of Dreams, The Real Estate sector is an paradox in itself.
Lets assume the average cost of a 1000 sq feet Apartment is 1 Cr, This is how the numbers play our for the Flat Owner.

If inflation crosses 10%,then your home loan (assuming at 10%) is virtually squared off.
So the game is not about 3% (rental income), Its about owning a property costing 1 Crore for 5.82 lakhs, even a 10% appreciation would see an investment appreciation of at least 80%.

In Bombay everything is a risk, but as Gordon Gekko tells  “It’s not about the money, it’s about the game.”


Is the return of dance bars in Mumbai a right decision?

My answers to the question on Quora.

Yes, Its a great decision.
The reason it was banned in the first place was not to protect Indian values or protect our Culture, it was purely due to monetary reasons where some Ladies Bars refused to pay hafta/donations to a political party.

You can expect a few changes in Bombay

  1. Bombay will truly be a city that never sleeps.
  2. You know what to do if you miss the last trains.
  3. Frustos and Tharki people from all walks of life will have some one to listen
  4. Rickshawalas will finally get someone who loves them.
  5. Not sure about the correlation but attacks and rapes cases against the vulnerable will reduce due to the options available.
  6. Apart from the 75k Bar Dancers, Thousands of Midget, Dwarfs, Security Guards, Stewards, DJ’s will get employment.
  7. Traffic Cops won’t bug you for small offences, the regular big packet hafta will keep them focussed.
  8. Bombay Police will revamp their Khabri network and vice versa.
  9. Camera Person Santosh and Deepak Chaurasia – Aaj Tak will no longer cover floods in Badrinath.
  10. Madhur Bhandarkar can finally start working on the long awaited Chandni Bar sequel.
  11. Navin Prabhakar and Paichaan Kaun will be back.
  12. Client meetings and entertainment for out-station clients will be no longer be in Pubs and Hotel
  13. Foursquare Swarm Badges will be unlocked at a few places like Topaz, Night Lovers.
  14. Finally Instagram Video will get more fans and love.



3 Great Books about Bombay

There are many ways to culturally enrich yourself in Bombay, but sometimes it is nice to just pick up a book and read about the city that you love. These books bring Bombay alive on their pages, and are a great read for any Bombay lover.


1. Maximum City: Bombay Lost and Found by Suketu Mehta


In this story Mehta, draws the reader into Bombay with his words. The author is a Bombay native bringing authenticity and a realness to his words. The book is a nonfiction read and it is combines the elements of a memoir, travel writing, and about the history of Bombay. He writes as a native and an outsider, giving the book a unique feel and making it relevant to those that are natives and those who are not. Mehta who lived in Bombay but then moved with his family to New York, talks about the changes of the city upon his return, including some controversial subjects surrounding the developing city. The book was a finalist for the Pulitzer Prize in 2005. It is a great read in general, but especially for those that hold Bombay dear to their hearts.


2. Breathless in Bombay by Murzban F. Shroff


In this fiction book, Shroff compiles 14 riveting tales that are set in contemporary Bombay. The stories feature different characters in different situations, each equally as intriguing as the next. Each of these stories is created with the beautiful story setting of Bombay, making the stories rich and all the more interesting. The reader not only gets an emotional journey through the stories, but also a cultural one. You can truly see the author’s love for Bombay throughout the book, and also his understanding of the city.


3. Ravan & Eddie by Kiran Nagarkar


Once again set in Bombay, this story brings together two unlikely companions. Eddie a boy who has grown up catholic and Ravan who is Hindu. The two boys grew up in the same chawl, and have been linked since they were young due to an incident when they were both babies. This story shows the life journey for two seemingly unlikely heros. This book will make you laugh and is an all around enjoyable and heartwarming story.

These three books will bring the Bombay you know and love to life from the pages. I suggest ordering the books off of Flipkart and look here to get some coupons before you do so. Happy Reading!


Offbeat Street Snacks in Bombay

Some of the wicked stuff you can eat within 25 bucks on the streets of Bombay.

1. Chinese Bhel
Taka Tak Chinese Bhel
Cost : 8-12 bucks
Usually made by entreprising Maharashtrian women or Ex Mill Workers

2. Veg Manchurian Mix
Veg Machurian Mix
Cost : 10 bucks
Available in Mill Areas, outsideRailway stations

3. Ragda Pav
Vada + Ragda + Pav
Cost : 6 bucks
Available only at Railway Food Stalls

4. Kebab Pav
Kebabs @ Bandra Fair
Cost : 25-40 bucks a plate

5. Radga Chana Bowl

The way he makes is damn cool, he takes some boiling hot Kabuli chanas from the stove, pours some gravy, slices the big aloo pieces then puts some yellow watana then puts the chutneys, all spices, lil mustard oil, mixes it in styles and then put lotsa onions and coriander n pudina then cleans the bowl from the sides and hands it over…
Cost : 10-15 bucks
Location – Maratha Mandir, Nagpada area, Bombay 3 area

6. Samosa Bhel
Cost : 15 bucks
Location – Opp Round Building, Kalbadevi

7. Masala Papad
2011-12-09 20.11.19.jpg

Cost :10-15 bucks

8. 5 colored Sherbet Gola
Gola Wala in Aksa

Cost : 8-10 bucks

9. Mixed Fruit plate
2011-12-09 15.08.22.jpg
Cost : 10-15 bucks

10. Cheese Omlette
breakfast at Timesquare
Cost : 25 bucks (not the Bombay Omlette  pic, but looks like that 😛 )
And yes the usual Vada PAv, Samosa, Bhel Etc

Ragda Chana Image- Courtesy Mustafa Yusuf


Best Shawarma in Bombay – Uncle Max

Located in IC Colony, Borivali, Uncle Max sells one the best chicken Shawarma’s in Bombay.

Hot Kubbus

Chicken Shawarma

Slice em.

Anytime if you are in Borivali area, Do check  it out  along with the great Shawarmas, you might also get some insights on Uncle’s stories & experiences in Gulf 🙂
Rates :
Shawarma with Kubbus – 55 bucks.
Shawarma with Roll – 30 bucks.
Fed up with Aunties asking him to put more and more chicken he has added a new item on the menu card its called “Deluxe Shawarma and Deluxe Roll”
Basically is the same thing but has more chicken and costs 5 bucks more 🙂
Location : Opp Fish market, IC Colony, Borivali West.