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Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na – Superhit!!

Jaane tu..

Awesome, Refreshing, Timepass, Paisa Vasool Movie.

Not a single minute of boredom or drag in the movie, Imran & Genelia are the stars for 2008.

Also great work by Naseerudin shah , Ratna Pathak, Rotlu, Jiggy, Bombs & yes the horses.. Never before has one ever seen so many horses in a Bollywood non-epic non Feroz Khan movie.

Points 4.5/5

P.s I watched on a Tuesday, coz its Vodafone Tuesday’s 1 +1 Free offer šŸ™‚

p.p.s I wanted to watch Love Story 2050 for the special effects but since every critic and box office verdict has hammered it, i don’t have the guts to invest in the ticket.


WTF – No Hancock tommorow


Blame it on Love Story 2050 & Jaane tu ya Jaane na, With over 100 crore riding over two Star Kid Launches, every body knows Hancock & Will Smith will beat the hell out the producers & Distributors.

I’m sure Harman Baweja and Imran Khan might have begged and licked the elbows of the guys at Sony to have the release rescheduled.

I hope all the movies are good and everyone has a great weekend watching them.

Forthcoming Movies

  1. Kismet Konnection
  2. Singh is Kking
  3. Kung Fu Panda
  4. Ugly aur Pagli
  5. Mission Istanbul
  6. Chandni Chowk to China