Stock Market Tips & LifeHacks

Kindly follow—-
(1) Never place order without SL
(2) Never do average, great chances are there to multiply your losses.

(3) Never reenter into same script instantly on same day,wait and avoid to enter.

(4) Once in any trade SL hit on any of order ,please wait for a while,relax ,and than do your business as normal but don’t place order in panic to recover loss instantly. Of is a game of wrestling,so that you can do counter attack because it is a market and nothing is in your hand to keep market movements, you can just watch it and act under favorable conditions only.

(5) Avoid put/call trading unless you are really good enough to handle it and understand this game,otherwise you will be always at loss.

(6) For good tension free return regularly, buy good scripts at lower level ,wait for while and sell at reasonable profit level without waiting for more and more higher level unless you decided to hold the same permanently

( 7) Enjoy your family life to refresh your self for next shoot in market. So don’t be addict of daily trading, but make it a hobby and game to play fairly with SL ,

Thanks ,today is Saturday ,so enjoy family life .

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