Stock Market Jokes

In these trying times of Doom & Gloom some Funny SMS’s doing the rounds .

If Mahatma Gandhi had ever given thought 2 the Stock Market…
He would have added to his famous three… a fourth monkey with hands covering his Ass…!

Yrs ago people who sacrified their sleep, family, food and happiness were called SAINTS…. Today they r called shareholders

Good time to invest in stocks of Rupa Frontline, VIP underwear, Jockey briefs etc. ‘Sab ki chaddi utar gayi hai. So, everyone will buy a new one

Jab apko potty na aye,
aap baithe baithe thak jaye, presure b nahi aye,
yaad karna stock market,shayad apki gaand fat jaye aur kaam ho jae.

 The stock markets are now like an old man’s dick – just refusing to rise!
And the irony is that everybody is still getting fucked! ;-).

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