Stamps & Coins

Stamps & Coins, originally uploaded by Bombaylives.

I’m the process of cleaning my rooms for the upcoming house painting, I found my stamps & coins collection, Really thrilled to check it again.

Used a Diwali Chocolate box to keep my extra coins, it now looks like a Sotheby’s or Christie’s collection 🙂

Wonder if peope still collect stamps, Coins I know many who collect.

Do let me if you wanna exchange/gift me 🙂

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  1. I used to collect stamps and coins and i've a a set of around 150 coins and equal number of stamps.. later i got more interested in postcard collection.. Now I have a collection of around 100+ postcards..

  2. Cool Stuff..

    i used to collect everything from bus tickets to train tickets to chocolate wrappers, total madness :).

    I had a few postcard which they used to keep at Coffee Shops and Bars, I normally took all of them 🙂

  3. Hey just stumbled across ur blog.. cool stuff.. I also came across my old coin collection recently when shifting my house.. We can do an exchange if we have mutually exclusive countries :)….

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