Sleaze Bombay style….


Mid-day does a sting operation on the silent or Pakdu bars in Bombay.

I’m after reading this story there will be a zillion tourists and terrorists and wannabe Cham Chams from all over India and abroad wanting to visit the PAdku Bar’s.
As usual the Government and MAhila MAndals have made a mess of the existing night life culture……reforming the not so sleazy ladies bars in Pakdu Bars…
Mid-day by giving it front page coverage has given it total PUBLIC-SITY ……. over 7 lakh readers and over 10 lakhs who borrow the copy in the train will surely sniff around some Pakdu bars..

I guess they aren’t wrong when they say “Duniya mein jo bhi hota hai … Peth aur uske Neeche ke liye hota hai”

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    June 14, 2005

    Hahaha!!! I thik you said it boss!!! U cudn't be more right :))Cheerz,PP.

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