Seen and Overheard in Bombay today

09:04 Churchgate Slow
A well dressed dude on the mobile “hello sir, yes sir , yes sir,  mein abhi train mein hoon, Khar pahuch gaya .. Aj barish bahut hua tha, paani bhar gaya tha tracks mein sab trains slow chal raha hai” 
Some one yells from behind “chutiya bana raha hai, train goregaon mein hai”
09:20 Churchgate station
Hazzar commuters on the station
Scene cut to : The police help desk counter which has a policeman and policewoman, the cop is bored to death, the lady police is totally engrossed in a intimate chat with a Gujarati saree seller Ben who must be buying sarees in bulk from Surat and selling it door to door.  Duty gaya bhadd mein, Jai Praful, Jai Parag Saaree!!

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