Random Thoughts

Drenched, Shivering Street kids sleeping on railway platforms is a sad sight.

Barking dogs around kachra dabbas at 1 am deserve to be eletrocuted.

Ladies Bars must be re-opened.

Tarannum Baby must start her own dance show on TV.

Rane and Udhav should be locked in a room.

Nepali waiters are 100 times better and ever smiling than desi waiters.

The only silver lining in the dirty slimy shady Lower Parel station are the Eves who work in Malls,Ad and Media agencies.

Aaashayen song from Iqbal has replaced Ruk Jaaana naha form Imithaan as my favorite motivational song.

Tomorrow Bombay will be a choked city with all roads leading to the beaches of Chowpatty,Juhu,Madh, Versova, Gorai and Cuffe Parade.

Kotak Mahindra Bank Sucks!!

4 Replies to “Random Thoughts”

  1. Very funny. I like you way of putting things in perspective. Very natural and practical :)BTW, its "Ruk Jaaana nahi" and not "Ruk Jaaana naha". Sexy song!BTW, seems u have stopped anonymous posting 🙂

  2. preity : some bole tho, baaki sab bakwaas kya ritesh : tnx :)).. yes its Nahi, delibrate typos to check who is the alert poster on the blog .. 10 pts to u :))..anonymous posting has been stopped to avoid general spam by viagra and scam companies

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