Random Thoughts at Chai time.

  • I am planning to put Adsense on my blog and donate all proceeds from it into Alcohol Reasearch.
  • Kaboom on Star Plus is a major flop show.
  • Dahi Handi in Bombay rocks.
  • Salaam Namaste,Kaala Chasma and Kaangna are sexy songs.
  • Rickshaw drivers are maha chodu characters.
  • I dont’ remember when Sachin Tendulkar played last.
  • Chicken Mexican Red Wave Pizza from Dominos goes well with Kingfisher.
  • Sachin Bhau Ahir should become the CM coz he organises the best Dahi Handi’s with DJ’s , rain Dance, Choreographed Dancers, Filmy Stars,
  • Stray Dogs are not that lovable.
  • Night life in Bombay aint the same for millions any more.
  • One should never bet in a match involving India.

2 Replies to “Random Thoughts at Chai time.”

  1. 😀 when I read this post it remided me of a Quiz show..'what's the good word?'…this is whats the right word :D…all statements make true sense …:) good one keep writing…its an eye-opener for many…keep up the good work!!!

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