Random thoughts

  • I never understood why Desi Expats remit over 75% of their income back home and then crib about living conditions, income  and lifestyles in Qatar.
  • There are no stray dogs in Qatar but millions of stray cats.
  • What if a few thousands Bombay Taxis are allowed to ply on Gelf roads.
  • Himesh Reshaamiya is a sour puss.
  • I need to watch Syriana.
  • How come I had a dream that I was working for Kingdom Holding with Al Waleed bin Talal.
  • Why isn’t someone starting a Jumbo Vada Pav franchise here.
  • The Nissan Sunny Pick-up should be the conferred the mascot vehicle of Malabaris.
  • I wonder what Advani does on a Rut Yatra.

4 Replies to “Random thoughts”

  1. Go check out Bombay Chowpatty next to FFC. Vada Pav AND Tikki Pav. Not as good, but something.Nissan sunny pick-up?

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