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  • If astrologers and Tarot card readers can help you handle your future by adding a few alphabets or K can they help you with portfolio advice and predict they Sensex/Nifty movements.
  • Why is that the price of a Stock zooms the moment you sell the share.
  • Will Sanjay Dutt face jail this week?, I personally think he has already spent 18 months jail and he should be acquitted.   Besides anyone whose mom is Mother India cant be a terrorist, The real terrorists are the ones who are sitting in power and scot free after committing religious mayhem and screwing up the nation.
  • Why do as Sales guys have to give Golis to clients, The un-ending Chakravyuh of golis are sometimes just too much, Its only a matter of time someone’s conscience will snap and say “Boss Hum tumko Chutiya bana rahe hai”
  • For the first time India’s Investment abroad has exceeded FDI in India.
  •  Why isn’t there be a Global Wi-fi service where people can pay by the hour using Credit card or Paypal using the 108 free GPS satellites.
  • Life is a game. Money is how we keep the score.  (Nishit fm Directi’s email signature)

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  1. Satish,I will have to disagree on sanjay dutt being released. I think the law should take its course and should indeed punish him if he is guilty without giving him any preferential treatment.about the GPS satellites, I think because they are mainly oneway communication..

  2. awesome stuffs …nice question…I must say! Its the right ppl to figure out the solution to happen these I guess ;)Cheers

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