Raksha ya Rickshaw BANDHan

Morning 8.00 am
15 mins of struggle to get a Rick to the station from my house.

Evening 8.30 pm
30 mins of brute struggle, anguish, and frustration of trying to flag a rickshaw which would take me home.
I had to walk 2kms till I spotted a bus to take me home.

Why all this?

Coz today is Raksha Bandhan but it seemed like total a Rickshaw Bandhan, not a single fcuker ready to ply to anywhere, or taking lamba savari, or single females.
Either they have sisters in every place from Dahisar to Bandra and Mulund to Sion or they have gone underground to escape the Rakhi attack from their Maitrini friends.
The all omnipresent redBEST buses were missing big time as if all of them went to Shirdi with the sulking Bar Girls.

I’ve truly sincerely started believing this saying In Punjabi, from Lahore:
Jinnay apni maa noo sataya
Onay saree umar ricksha hee chalaya

Another one but tangent :
In School we had the pledge every day after the National Anthem. Which went something like this “India is my country, All Indians are my brothers and sisters……… “
then someone from behind would whisper “thats why we are a Benchod nation”

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