awesome way to begin ur day…….

my train was late by 45 mins… infact it was standing still for 45 mins between dahisar and borivali…. one of the most traumatic and painful experience one can undergo.. some one like a convict spending life sentence… its hot n humid full of fart and hen pecked souls cribbing ….
A good Samaritan gave me a seat and in a jiffy I was off to a deep slumber… woke up at Bombay central.. dint even bother to read da Da Vinci Code…
the outside churchgate station had a fight wid a cop who was stopping public from crossing the road to may way for some SOB Mantri… I hate these mantris when they trouble people, and shamelessly show off their power in the name of secutiry…. I feel really sorry for the cops who have to salute these hookers n pimps of the lowest pedigree
I’m office now… jus heard that one of my shares has crashed 75% value… called up my broker to find out more…
Its juss 11 am .. how better can it get??

50 Things A Man Should Do

 Found this piece in Man’s World Magazine – April ’04 issue.Its 50 Things a Man should do. Although, most (rather…all) of them can be applicable for women as well. Anyway, here’s the list in no particular order.

1. Climb a Mountain
2. Watch the Apu Trilogy
3. Read the Mahabharata
4. Gamble on a Horse
5. Grow a Plant
6. Give up a Bad Habit
7. Keep a Diary
8. Learn to appreciate a Cigar
9. Buy a Painting
10. Have an Affair
11. Jump 500 feet and bounce back on a bungee cord
12. Hold the hand of someone dying
13. Visit the Himalayas
14. Cook a meal for Friends
15. Visit Venice & Beneras
16. Have a Drink with your Father
17. Own a Dog
18. Do something for the first time
19. Learn the alto sax
20. Make your Will
21. Get your own Barber, Tailor and Doctor
22. Run a Half-Marathon
23. Get an Erotic Massage
24. Watch the Men’s Final at Wimbledon
25. Shoot a round at the Old Course
26. Drive a Ferrari
27. Ride a Super Bike
28. Learn a Martial Art
29. Learn a Foreign Language
30. Go Skinny Dipping
31. Eat at a Great Paris Restaurant
32. Write a Love Poem
33. Jump out of the Sky
34. Build your own Home
35. Develop an appreciation for the Single Malt
36. Follow your passion
37. Trek to the Everest Base Camp
38. See the Southern Cross
39. Leave on your own terms
40. Ride on top of a Train
41. Raft a Male River
42. Learn to make a fortune on the Stock Market
43. Serve in the UN
44. Watch Birth
45. Undertake a Spiritual Journey
46. Stand up and be counted
47. Learn to Salsa
48. Tell your Boss what you really think
49. Have a Threesome
50. Acquire the nickname – ‘God’

I’ve just done a few of those.. Uhh! & HI5 can b annoying ……..

I’ve reached office pretty early…. 9.05 am to be precise.. woke up at 6 am :):)
early morning are less polluted, I guess people have to wake to fart n dirty da city…
I am so fed up wid all the invites and request to join and hi5 …… every 2nd o third mail is about it, and u can join only after u invite some x number of people.. some wot like amoebic multiplication :)) 
tooo bored to write more.. have some work lined up .. will fill in laterz

BSE Sensex breaks out from a decade long consolidation.

BSE Sensex breaks out from a decade long consolidation.


This is the monthly chart for the BSE Sensex. After being trapped in the 2700-4600 for nearly a decade and a failed attempt in 1999-2000, the Sensex has finally broken out from a trading range … most probably signaling a new secular bull market.

Every hour in Mumbai is a rush hour! – Says Mid-day

Every hour in Mumbai is a rush hour!

A transport study is being planned, starting end-December, to determine whether Mumbai’s infamous rush-hour has extended to most parts of the day, as against the evening and morning timeslots it earlier occupied.


I still don’t understand da logic of this study and report what’s it gonna achieve and whom is it gonna impress… who cares anyways!! We have da gr8 chalta hai attitude anyways…

I’ve been traveling in trains, buses, cabs, rickshaws for as long as I remember…. If these guys want to really do a study then it be about “What body parts get affected by Bombay’s rush hour traffic” … and how many are its silent unsung victims…

I count myself as one of the 5 million victims …

Some dangerous things which da human body endeavors in the Bombay rush-hour.

1) the 4th seat in the 2nd class train is something like Hitler’s torture. One is balancing ones body on one on side of the bum, the second part is in the air ( suspended animation kinda thing) .. this torture lasts for max one that one one wiggles in and moves in da 3rd seat… both parts of the Bum on equal level.

2) Share a cab – from churchgate to nariman point. sharing da back seat wid a fat guy and and lady beside u.. its a constipated feeling.. you are trying to avoid touching her for the fear of accidentally maaraoing chance… doing this feat in da back seat of a FIAT is like Crapping in da loo wid da last mug of water left.

3) Auto ride – Andheri to Powai this 45 min ride on a rainy or not so rainy day can easily take u 2 hours also in the journey you will encounter 75 beggars, 25 eunuchs and over 100 tons of pollutants and your face will be metamorphosed into a celebrity… a Tamil Superstars 🙂

4)Best Bus ride – Powai to Andheri – no seat available… you rush early and stand ahead… but the seats are for ladies… as they put it “Faqt striyansathi” as if its some kinda dildos… every body else gets a seat… even those u enter after you .. no soul gives u a seat.. you curse yourself for giving seats to others specially the oldies and other bastards… fuck its over 45 mins and u r still standing.. you finally resign to you fate and blame it on your karma… you are still standing in the bus… finally just as it nears Andheri station you get an empty seat… you joss pounce on it forgetting you dogma.. 2 mins of bliss for da support starved bums.

Even after so many problems which never seems to end… no body wants to leave Bombay… I guess people get an orgasm or a trip doing da Bombay Rush-Hour :))

stocks tips this week

ashok Leyland
gv films
bellary steel
ind swift
centurion bank
hotline glass
jk sythentics
vardhman acrylics

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Mid-week bluez!!!

aaaaaaahhhh…….its really shady I updated to MS office 2003 and I cant post on da blogs via mail..

I think I’ll move back to office 2000 coz every time I have to post I have to log onto and then post … and HTML formatting is damn painful.. there are other ways to get around it but its a time taking and back breaking process :):)

Now that the markets seems to have forgotten the Ambani feud, I’m optimistic that 7000 is not far away !!!

The joke doing da round is Anil Ambani saying to Mukesh…. ” Mere paaas Maa bhi hai aur Amitabh b hai””…….. filmy family… :))

I’ve juss started reading da Da Vinci code… reading damn slowly…. actually no time to read it.. also have a movie to watch.. Passion of Christ… no time to watch dead tired by da time I get home…

was thinking about the things I need to do..

a) adventure sports

b) get a digicam

stocks tips this week

ashok Leyland

gv films

bellary steel

ind swift

centurion bank

hotline glass

jk sythentics

vardhman acrylics

The Carlyle Group – Former World Leaders and Washington Insiders Make Billions from the War on Terrorism

The Carlyle Group – Former World Leaders and Washington Insiders Make Billions from the War on Terrorism

Veer-Zara – had a dekko yesterday


Cast: Shahrukh Khan, Preity Zinta & Rani Mukherjee. 
I saw it yesterday….Decently done movies was not pakao as expected… really good music…. I give it 4/5 maybe coz I’m filmy.
Music is really cool… Yash chopra is cashing in on the Indo-pak friendly atmosphere :):)
Overall the movie was nice but there were some observations I made….
  • both veer n zara survive bus accidents… co-incidence or stupid writing
  • the Pakistani judge has Natraj pencils on his desk… talk about Indian exports.
  • Amit and Hema malini’s Ishq but be surely worrying Dharam paaji
  • there was absolutely no policemen guarding veer in the court a prisoner in custody for 22 yrs, and he ends up doing a song n  dance sequence in the court :):) 
  • Pakistanis are even more filmy than Indians  

I’m on Fire fox…. adios IE

the pain and anguish of pop ups and creepy bugs n adware have prompted me to change my browser….
my default browser is now Mozilla’s firefox…  next generation browser,
its damn cool… if u wanna download it too click on da icon..

Get Firefox!


big bong theory!!! cool flash

awesome stuff, put on ur spkrs .. pass it on to your bong freinds too
truly classic indian flash comedy…