Offbeat Street Snacks in Bombay

Some of the wicked stuff you can eat within 25 bucks on the streets of Bombay.

1. Chinese Bhel
Taka Tak Chinese Bhel
Cost : 8-12 bucks
Usually made by entreprising Maharashtrian women or Ex Mill Workers

2. Veg Manchurian Mix
Veg Machurian Mix
Cost : 10 bucks
Available in Mill Areas, outsideRailway stations

3. Ragda Pav
Vada + Ragda + Pav
Cost : 6 bucks
Available only at Railway Food Stalls

4. Kebab Pav
Kebabs @ Bandra Fair
Cost : 25-40 bucks a plate

5. Radga Chana Bowl
No Image, Need to take pic.
The way he makes is damn cool, he takes some boiling hot Kabuli chanas from the stove, pours some gravy, slices the big aloo pieces then puts some yellow watana then puts the chutneys, all spices, lil mustard oil, mixes it in styles and then put lotsa onions and coriander n pudina then cleans the bowl from the sides and hands it over…
Cost : 10-15 bucks
Location – Maratha Mandir, Nagpada area, Bombay 3 area

6. Samosa Bhel
Samosa Bhel
Cost : 15 bucks
Location – Opp Round Building, Kalbadevi

7. Masala Papad
2011-12-09 20.11.19.jpg

Cost :10-15 bucks

8. 5 colored Sherbet Gola
Gola Wala in Aksa

Cost : 8-10 bucks

9. Mixed Fruit plate
2011-12-09 15.08.22.jpg
Cost : 10-15 bucks

10. Cheese Omlette
breakfast at Timesquare
Cost : 25 bucks (not the Bombay Omlette pic, but looks like that 😛 )
And yes the usual Vada PAv, Samosa, Bhel Etc

Samosa Bhel Image courtesy – GauravPrabhu

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    June 7, 2012

    can you please help the location for Kebab Pav. i would like to eat this.

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    June 7, 2012

    Bandra – Mount Mary steps, also available in Mahim, Mohd Ali road & Borivali

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