Mumbai Assembly Elections 2009

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The Maharashtra Vidhan Sabha elections are due in 11 days,  I’m sure most of you don’t even recollect or know who is standing in your area.

You can visit to check out whose standing in your area and their profile.

As they say Mumbai – Don’t just Vote. Select

IMP : Dry days on October 11, 12 and 13 due to Elections

4 Responses to “Mumbai Assembly Elections 2009”

  1. Anjali writes:

    Chemical Engineer becomes a nuclear scientist to grab vote

    Yesterday I received a message from one of the candidates from Belapur constituency stating that “Right Candidate for belapur constituency Suresh Haware, Nuclear Scientist, No criminal record. He believes politics is mission not business, Navi Mumbai, BJP” a false statement to grab vote

    His actual qualification mentioned in his own website is that he is a Chemical Engineer, I believe claiming to be Nuclear Scientist will attract more attention so just know ur candidate.

    Ha Ha No criminal Record what a joke – He has total more than 140 criminal and civil cases against him. Several facts and articles published for his Crime Record and cases. I personally have read one:-

    Acc to Police information and published article in DNA, Navi Mumbai Jan 30th 2007 “AP Police swoops at Builder’s Home to arrest Director Haware Engineers and Builders in a case of alleged fraud” So CHECK AND VOTE

  2. shankar namdeo kutwa writes:

    i belive in choosing a true leader who can contribute something to our nation in positive manner, eg GANESH NAIK.

  3. Chandan writes:

    do not be a fool to select a person who has made politics a family business. what makes you think that he will do good for the nation.

  4. Chandan writes:

    and for you info there are no criminal records against MR Haware, it is some other Haware you are talking about.

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