Monsoon Checklist : Are you ready?

The Monsoon checklist for Bombayites :-
1. Test Umbrella, if rusted make Bow & Arrow’s or repair them.
2. Clear n Sell off your old Raddi, they might be worthless when wet.
3. Tie Cloth or Towel to you LAN Cables, Water might come into your Desktop and Inbox.
4. Buy extra Chaddis, you don’t want  to encourage B-Tex Lotion Sales.
5. Get Kiwi Drainex to clear choked Kitchen Sinks.
6. Beware of Potholes, Open Manholes & BMC.
7. Listen to the song but avoid Aksa beach.
8. Anti Rust to your Bike/Cycle.
9. Buy Sandak Shoes from Bata.
10. Raincoat for your Mobile Phone, Better option to buy the 1200 Bucks Mobile for June-August.
11. Switch back to Cable TV; DishTV & Tata Sky tend to conk off during rains.
12. Get Old Monk Rum.
13. Keep extra pair of Shoes, Bermuda & Tooth paste at office.
14. A million people will call you to Bushy Dam, get used to it.
15. Don’t Smoke, Wet ciggies will kill you faster.
16. Avoid travel to low lying areas like Kalina, King Circle, Chinchpokli or Lower Parel
17. Find Love or Get a partner, Humans tend to get horny this season.

Now that you are ready, Go ahead and enjoii the most beautiful and awaited season in our great city.

P.s Do feel free to add to the checklist : )

6 Replies to “Monsoon Checklist : Are you ready?”

  1. * drive slowly or get used to the fact you need to drive slowly and wade thru the water while you are pushing your car in it

    * Please get you vehicle serviced (including brakes checked), at least before the deluge of high tides messages on your mobile thru SMS hit you

  2. 1. Make sure u walk on the foot paths ( if in ur area) and not on rds. This will avoid traffic jams and ur clothes may not get splashed with on coming vehicles.

    2. wash fruits and veggies properly b4 consumption.

    3. make sure u have a radio mobile to listen to FM so that u know if any area is flooded if u r out doors.

    4. ensure ur wipers of ur cars r in working condition.

    5. stock ur car with water bottle, a snack, torch, 1st aid kit. never know wot will come handy.

    I could go on.

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