Lost in Antiquity

Decided to make use to the long weekend, took Deepthi to Chor Bazaar, Haji Ali & Chowpatty. It’s been ages since I last went to Chor Bazaar, We used to go there to buy cheap original sports shoes which used to be flicked from the docks.
Chor Bazaar today has become a must do itinerary on a Firang’s trip to the city and the Bhangarwala’s have become Antique Shops and must smarter, savvy and quote crazy prices for their wares.

Having said that, Chor Bazaar is a fun place to visit and to get lost in antiquity ;-)

Chor Bazaar St

Bollywood Poster Shop, Chor Bazaar

Omer's Bollywood Poster Shop

Habib & sons.

Brass Antique Shop, Chor Bazaar

Bollywood Bazar, Chor Bazar

Antique Shop, Chor Bazaar

Haji Ali

Wacky Telephones

Bombay Skyline

Bombay Skyline #2

12 Responses to “Lost in Antiquity”

  1. KJ writes:

    Miss mumbai….


    great pics..


  2. Arun writes:

    Awesome stuff dude..great photography too

  3. manoj writes:

    been a while havent seen cb :) great pics

  4. Shiva writes:


    very nice pictures..all.

    Btw, i have a doubt, why is it called chor bazaar?? any specific reason or story behind it??

  5. satish vijaykumar writes:

    @kj Get ur Plane and fly back.

    @ arun thanks man :)

    @manoj Same here, I last went there some 8 yrs ago :)

    @shiva It was the place where thieves sold their stuff, hence the name Chor Bazaar.

  6. Meera writes:

    you know i've never been to chor bazar… but :) as all good photos should… yours have made me wana go there.

  7. Alpa writes:

    Chor bazaar….good i atleast saw in pics… i have been living in mumbai from last 20 years but did not visited ;)

  8. prachi writes:

    sathish…even i want to go…..so next time lemme knw. ok..

  9. indian yarn writes:

    3 cheers to chor bazaar ( may be he flicked it from my own bag :)

  10. satish vijaykumar writes:

    you could go there and maybe search for it there :P

  11. Sudarshan Srinivasan writes:

    remember the table and the bookshelf you had bought from chor bazar for the office

  12. bombaylives007 writes:

    haha, yes me and Saumil Dave had gone :)

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