Jerry Pinto’s Words of Advice – Simplified in Investing Hacks

I’ve simplified the prudent advice given by Jerry Pinto to all young people starting out on their careers by adding Investing Hacks to it.
1. Start investing, in small amounts.  –
  • SIP in Mutual Funds starts at Rs 500
2. Buy your own house. –
  • Go for your 1st House – Home Loan rates are at 8.5%, Inflation is low, Rebates by Govt, Infra is picking up, EMI’s will fall further, Rental income is between 3-5%
3. Cut up that credit card.  –
  • You pay higher than Pathan Interest Rates, Credit Card Co’s charge between 38% to 42% Penal & Anal Interest Rates
4. Park your debit card at home. Use cash.
  •   I Disagree on this point, Use Wallets like Paytm, Freecharge.. Get points, offers etc, Maximize it. 
5. Be punctual. Taxis take most of your cash. –
  • Avoid Ola, Uber, Taxi’s  during non peak hours or whenever possible.  Average Ola Trip of 300-500 can buy you around 6-10 shares on IDFC Bank or 5 Shares of Ashok Leyland.
6. Take a dabba. Even if it’s a sandwich and a fruit. Restaurant mark-ups are 300 per cent.
  • – Health & Term insurance premiums keep rising based on your Cholesterol & Sugar Levels, Home Food hasn’t troubled anyone. 
7. Work hard.  –
  • Also let your Money Work Harder for you, Invest for Long Term
8. Show up. The more you’re seen, the more you’re remembered. When it comes to promotion time, no one should ask, “But who is she?”
  •  Do the Opposite while Investing, Stay humble, Stay Grounded.
9. Be positive. Smile. Spread good energy. No one likes a Sad Sack coworker.
  • Hang around with Happy & Lucky Investors & People smarter and better than you.
10. Remember, it’s not who you are. It’s what you do.
  •    Start Small,Go Big or Go home.
India is the best place to stay invested, We are in the middle of a long term secular growth story. Be a proud participant in the India Story.
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