Haunted places in Bombay.

Mid-day has compiled a nice list of twilight zones

I never knew that apna IC & LIC Colony had twilight zones, might wanna check it out :)

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  1. Pallavi writes:

    Hey i never knew that there are haunted places in I C and LIC colony… Damn it! I have been living here for so many years.
    i especially wanna knw about the garden in IC that the article talks about? does anybody know where in IC exactly????
    i know about the place in LIC that is mentioned…. but i never knew it is haunted…..

    if anybody knows where exactly is the that garden pleas tell me…..

    BTW like the recent posts…. especially the Arbi Udipi restaurant…… :D

  2. satish vijaykumar writes:

    thanks Pallavi,
    I think its the ground behind Royal Towers, Not sure though, will have to investigate.

    cheers :)

  3. neha writes:

    guyz-m really eager 2 noe wtz goin on in ic colony
    ny1 intrstd to actualy investigate?

  4. satish vijaykumar writes:

    Am game, Used to investigate near the Cemetery and Shiva Temple.

  5. Antarikh writes:

    hey neha even i m pretty eager to get details of IC colony thing………..
    have gone there bt nothin suspicious……… do post if u find nethin…………

  6. sommer writes:

    these r rumors….. there s no such thng happpening in i.c

  7. sommer writes:

    F.O fffffffffffffff…………….ghosts

  8. Suvarn Sakpal writes:

    listen up people i hav a group of 4 guys n we always go on ghost hunts on weekends so we r lookin for place wer we can visit them so let us know asap coz 2day is friday hav a nice weekend guyzz

  9. priyank writes:

    hello guys ..as pallavi wntd to know abt the plce then hello pallavi ..ma'am its very true tht this plce is haunted.. m givin yuh the address of this plce.. CHRIB COTTAGE RECREATION GRADEN PLOT NO.13 OPPOSITE GARDEN VIEW BLDG.. we ve noticed some paranormal activities once we entered this garden. we always go in search of spirits . specially in the aarey milk colony we ve noticed lots of paranormal activites. some1 callng our name ,some1 was banging our car , the windows of the car comes down automatically .. as wel as at the Marve road seen one lady in full bridal attire was asking for the lift and suddenly she disaaprs..wel many thngs to be share but some ppl doesnt blve in the paranormal activities ..anybdy int to share some more thngs or wants to join us to search more haunted plces thn plzz share ur view … yuh can join us as wel… yuh guys can contact us on 9987448479 or 9833248118.

    thnx ..wud love to share more info wid yuh guys.

  10. shridhar kokitkar writes:

    i liked all your comments on paranormal activites i also want to join your group i have never seen ghost or experienced anything like that so i would like to come with you so reply me i have 2 to 3 peoples more who will join me.

  11. yogesh writes:

    priyanka is it really real one cdid u realy checked it out

    i think u have really watched it out on 13th of january night,correct?

  12. Akshy writes:

    hey neha did u find sumthing in ic colony after investigation,if not then i am interested in investigation too…..

  13. nic writes:

    Hey ..it's great to hear that you guys wan2 investigate the I.Colony garden ghost. Since you all are amateur, just wan2 tell you a few things

    1) Carry a didgital camera with spare batteries.2) First aid kit 3) some recorder(preferably EVP recorder)

    Before entering into the premises, ask for blessings or protection(this may hardly take 15 seconds).

    Use this time to put yourself in a positive frame of mind(I don't think it will harm you to spend your 15 seconds doing this)

    after completing everything, do the same

  14. Rohit writes:

    These r not rumors at all, I myself hav experienced many paranomal thngs, so if ur investigating Somthng thn be careful, becz u might be the next…

  15. priyanka b writes:

    hii, actually , i do a bit research theoretical on paranormal activities, i m happy to see so many enthusiasts who are eager to know about the other world. cheers for nic,priyank and satish , if i missed out sum1 m sorry , if u need to ask any queries u can buzz me

  16. manoj nikam writes:

    if any of u guys are intrested in paranormal research and wud like to form an group and investigate it call me on this no 9833529772 if i am not able to pick up ur call leave an sms

  17. Bosco Monteiro writes:

    Hi All I am intrested in investigating any place in mumbai which has connective with paranormal activity

  18. priyank writes:

    guys guys … wel there many ppl r interested to go for haunting an all.. plzz guys i want to tel uh all if uh takin this as a joke or anything plzz dun do that cuz hve got 1 caller he has lost his friend because of this;; guys if uh go out fuh haunting alwz b careful.. if yuh cant respect THEM at least dont make fun of them.. if uh do that then it might copst uh life.. newazz cheers

    @ priyanka b thnx mam…

    whr can i buzz uh ???

    cheers guys b careful and need any help plz do cal me .thnk uh al

  19. Khiara Malik writes:

    one word…LOL!

  20. meldrin writes:

    im interested

  21. Bosco_4u2003 writes:

    try me

  22. Vikash Gupta writes:

    hey there i am highly interested to join hands on this if u really do such investigations….just reach me at vksv.gupta@gmail.com

  23. cassian pereira writes:

    lol……………my dick is very haunted

  24. cassian pereira writes:

    sorry guys…it was my friend……i too wanna join u all

  25. Aboli writes:

    hey guyz i knw its too late to rply bt i wld lyk to c pictures of these places…i've spent so many years in ic so i feel dat i deserve to knw abt these places… bt cnt join u fr investigation cz m lil fattu:-P bt totally support u guyz god bless take care…

  26. Avaneesh writes:

    I really do not know a water tank in lic colony. I am born here living since last 19yrs. happy new yr. & with that, there is a horrible paranormal shit going on in lic colony just in front of my house. Mail me or reply for details.


  27. Avaneesh writes:

    Ha ha lol…ok no trolling. U know valentine?

  28. rohan writes:

    hii, dis is Rohan i also have experience to seen paranormal activity beside of my house i would like to know better about paranormal research many time m travelling via out of hill stations road's with my dad i have full of experience to shadowic moments on night time. I like to know better about paranormal activity, My mail id is


  29. rohan writes:

    i wana say u something about paranormal activity if ur dare to here my stories ok.


  30. Maulik writes:

    Why to find ghosts somewhere else if I had 14 in me and suffered for 2 years!
    Still I can feel them around me, I can see them, I can talk to them!

  31. Maulik writes:

    Of you guys really wanna visit them then I give you the places but I can not assure you how you will be treated there

  32. priyank writes:

    hey guys sorry was out of mumbai for long time… guys things are true but it all about everybdy perception.. bt honestly thmgs are very much true.


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