Global Vipassana Pagoda : Gorai

After all the  TV coverage of the President inaguration of the Global Vipassana Pagoda, Me and Deepthi decided to make a visit there. There are 2 ways to get to the Pagoda (near Esselworld, Gorai) 1. Via Ferry From Gorai Creek 2. Via road  Bhayandar – Uttan – Gorai (details on site ) Good Things About the Pagoda

  • The 325 feet majestic monument really stands out and will surely drive more tourists.
  • Its the world’s largest stone dome built without any supporting pillars
  • Over 8k people can meditate inside the Pagoda.
  • Genuine Buddha relics enshrined in the Pagoda.
  • There are no entry fees or charges of any kind.
  • Free Bus from Car Park to the Pagoda
  • Located in a great location with great view and really breezy place.

Things to remember :

  • You cant meditate or enter the dome unless you have completed the 10 day vipassana course.
  • Visitors can just roam around the Pagoda and see the people meditating inside the dome.
  • Lotsa work is still pending and it resembles a big under construction project, It should be at least a year or two till everything looks like the pictures in the Brochures.

I will definitely wanna  do the 10 day course subject to getting leave from work 🙂 Some snapshots of the Global Pagoda Global Pagoda DSC03738 Pagoda : Work in Progress DSC03739 DSC03743 DSC03755 DSC03756

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  1. I'd a one day meditation there a few years ago. Those days it was just a small make-shift arrangement. Must make a trip down now and meditate in the big dome. 🙂

  2. Hi Satish,

    I was fortunate enough to get inside in the very early stages of completion…it is a wonder which should really be seen in person from close range.

    I am planning to go for this 10 day course, the basic idea of this course is to be able to control your mind the way you want for your benefit &/or mutual benefit in EVERY sense.

    Thanks, Sagar

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