Ghost who walks…. in Bombay!!!

Bombay is a city which is known for its good Samaritans, shady pick-pocketeers, helpful eunuchs, talkative bar girls, oil slicked nariyal pani walas, Groin scratching Bhaiyas, loud parsis, Polyester pant gujjus, mad kachrawalas who rob manhole lids, crazy BEST drivers, Chapter Macchiwalis, Unbathed well perfumed Goans, Pav sher drinking ghats, Business class travelers on top of Virar Trains…etc etc….

We have a new addition ghosts and souls of Bombay…. I guess that’s why Bombay lives on… and not Bombay Dying :))
The pic says it all….

Pic courtesy : Beau Trincia, 🙂

7 Replies to “Ghost who walks…. in Bombay!!!”

  1. hehe ur description…wow…with humor the way u bring out some elements..I appreciate that analysis..kewl abt Bombay not dyeing :Dgr8 job! keep it up:)

  2. You are really funny, only I have trouble reading your page in white on black, maybe you should make it readable for simpler people too?Cheers.

  3. rluxem :greeting from Bombay :))thnxkj: the sprits, ghosts,atma, ;00souls, gods, angels all lives on :)J : tnx :))dawn : thnx once again :))dr m : black is back… black is beautifull….Black is total color gaya paisa wapas :))one idea… do a select all … and vola it will turn into white… :))cheers

  4. Heya!!! I think i haven't read your blogs for a long time now :(((But i am trying to post my comments on each of the post. And yes!!! those pics are indeed beautiful !!!Ciao,PP.

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