Diwali moods across the city

Fire on water: The skyline above Marine Drive lit up by an exploding rocket. All the festivities of the day culminate in the light and sound of firecrackers going off across the city

Let the fun begin: Children as usual are more interested in the fireworks than any of the religious ceremonies. Some kids playing with sparklers at Parel yesterday

Booking their blessings: Businessmen do the Chopda puja at the Swaminarayan Mandir in Dadar (W)

Praying for prosperity: Laxmi puja being celebrated at the Bombay Stock Exchange

High on life: It was more light than sound this Diwali Here, some people admire a lit anaar at Marine Drive

Pics : shadab Khan, sameer markande, B L SONI  (Mid-day)

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  1. here i had written that…looking at these I felt…I too celebrated diwali :)it was a real nice courtesy to share here :)Thnx

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