Crazy RBI

Terrorists attacks are not the only thing that happens again and again and again and again…….It has great company in Interest Rates by RBI

Reserve Bank of India again on Tuesday announced stringent measures of hiking mandatory cash reserve of the banks and its short-term lending rate to them to suck up an estimated Rs 8,000 crore (Rs 80 billion).

That means you home, car and personal loan just got more expensive or just added a few more years.

My home loans tenure has increase from 240 months to 400 month.. ie. from 20 years to 33 years in the last 1.5 years.

I think the government should reduce interest rates, considering Crude Oil is down 16% at USD 122, Inflation has reversed trend, India has a 40% savings ratio compared to 0% in USA, Markets seem to be moving back in vogue.

The easiest thing government can do is have another VDS Campaign to bring out the black money and legalize cricket betting.

Only if any political party considered the Middle Class as a Vote bank

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