Awesomeness @ Mumbai Wall Project 2

100_2382, originally uploaded by Bombay Addict.

Awesomeness Wall Project Painting done by Sudii aka Sudarshan Sudevan

BMC should take this project all over the city to add more color to our wonderful city.
Pic courtesy Bombay Addict.

Cropped for Wallpaper :

Happy Super Saturday!!

Things you can expect this Super Saturday.

  1. Mahila Agadhi and Pichadi will protest against Akshay’s  BLUE Film.
  2. China will ask Dalai Llama not to save the Frog from the Rain Forest.
  3. India will ask Mithun not to do any more Karate- Kung Fu Movies.
  4. Pakistan will get 5 Billion dollars by Western Union from America for the show they have put since the last week.
  5. KRK will still be around in Big Boss and claim he is a millionaire, Moron  doesn’t know that a guy living in Dharavi is also worth more than 10 lakhs.
  6. Muhurat Trading on BSE/NSE is smarter option  than buying the yellow metal.
  7. All Telecom operators will keep SMS costs higher and not deliver them, Use email or lick some stamps its cheaper.
  8. Your Bai, Kachrawali, Car/Bike  Washwala,  Watchman,  BMC Water, BMC Garbage, Postman, TeleGram wala will visit you before your family or loved ones reach you.
  9. Naxalites will take a break and stitch new uniforms.
  10. Millions of  ever optimistic Indians will celebrate Diwali for a prosperous life and happiness.

Happy Diwali to all my freinds and thier loved ones, Hope you have a happy, prosperous & profitable year and years to come.


Compilation in CNN GO.

Yesterday, CNNGO published by edited compilation of things not to do in Bombay 🙂

40 really dumb things to do in Mumbai

Do check it out and lemme know yourviews/Feedback


World’s Greatest City: 50 reasons Mumbai is No. 1

One of the best compilations, cheers to Kanika Parab and Mansi Poddar who did this for CNN GO.