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  1. Guess what?

    August 28, 2014 by bombaylives

    Guess what?

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  2. Someone forgot to switch on Street lights @ Haji Ali

    August 26, 2014 by bombaylives

    Someone forgot to switch on Street lights @ Haji Ali

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  3. Finally, Now I can seek Salvation. #SwingCopters

    August 26, 2014 by bombaylives

    Finally, Now I can seek Salvation. #SwingCopters

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  4. The Contrast called Bombay. #mumbai #mumbailocal

    August 25, 2014 by bombaylives

    The Contrast called Bombay. #mumbai #mumbailocal

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  5. Happy to see 3 new parks around @iccolony

    August 24, 2014 by bombaylives

    Happy to see 3 new parks around  @iccolony

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  6. Nice breakfast from Bistro On The Go. @iccolony

    August 23, 2014 by bombaylives

    Nice breakfast from Bistro On The Go. @iccolony

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  7. The inception moment – Trains on the street #mumbai

    August 20, 2014 by bombaylives

    The inception moment - Trains on the street #mumbai

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  8. Renault Duster AWD – Let’s hit some Dirt

    August 16, 2014 by bombaylives

    We Indians are always game for a good deal. From everyday purchases like the biscuits that we dip into our Chai every day to something as luxurious as a home, getting maximum bang for the buck is a given. The ‘Duster’ by Renault is a prime example of our value-loving ethos. Spacious & well-equipped, with powerful engines & good driving dynamics, this modern day SUV has quickly become the darling of car buyers across the country. Offered in 2WD guise since it was launched a couple of years ago, the clamour for an All-Wheel Drive variant had been growing with each passing day.


    Team DusterAWD with JayK, Ekta, Mr. Khaitan & Yours Truly

    This Independence Day, Renault in conjunction with BlogAdda offered me the privilege of experiencing the excitement in the form of the all-new Duster AWD & I grabbed the opportunity with glee. Pairing up with team members, JayK, Ekta and Mr. Khaitan, we took off from Courtyard Marriot in a convoy of 7 Dusters on the 80 Kilometre long Off-Roading trail to picturesque Lavasa.For someone who owns a Santro, Initially the clutch does feel on the higher side but his power-packed AWD is a delight to drive on and definitely commands respect on the Roads.

    First Impressions:


    Sitting purposeful with high all-round visibility, the all-new Renault Duster AWD

    Sitting high off the ground, the refreshed Duster looked quite purposeful in its AWD avatar. Its roomy interiors meant that we had plenty of space & were seated rather comfortably. For someone who takes the Santro on the daily commute, the DusterAWD, with its power-packed motor & light clutch is a delight to drive. Its high perch offers a commanding view of the road below & one is well aware of their surroundings at all times.



    The AWD system called i-Drive Technology is quite sophisticated in its approach to 4 Wheel Drive motoring & features full electronic controls on-board. The AWD selector knob offers 3 selectable driving modes. The most convenient of this is the Auto Mode where, the system monitors traction at the front wheels & automatically sends power to the rear wheels as the conditions dictate. It would be quite the boon when driving through changing terrain. On the other hand, there is the 2 Wheel Drive mode that exclusively sends power to the front wheels & the de-facto mode to use when commuting within the city. Then there is the Lock Mode that distributes power to all four wheels, up-to 60 KPH (it switches to Auto Mode once the speedo needle crosses the 60 KPH mark)

    Driving Experience: 

    Offroading on Muddy Waters

    Makes you feel at home, even when you’re out there, making your own road!

    Powered by the 1.5 L turbo motor with 110 PS on tap & coupled with the high ground clearance, the Duster AWD was a hoot to drive when drifting, splashing mud & indulging in water bed crossings. We even indulged in tough climbs without ever breaking into a sweat. From wading through water to pottering about on slush filled trails & grassy patches, the Duster AWD maintained a steady grip across the varying ground conditions.


    The Convoy

    Always in control, no matter what the driving conditions

    The Duster was always a capable vehicle & a popular one with the masses. Now, with added All-Wheel Drive capabilities, the Duster has transformed into a formidable package. This is one car that would be equally at ease on the office commute during the week & indulge in some basic mud-plugging over the weekend.


    Loads of fun at every twist & turn

    P.S. On a personal note, if all test drives were as exhilarating as the Lavasa Off-Roading trail, more 4×4′s would be sold for sure!

    Technical Specifications:

    Fuel Diesel
    Installation Front, transverse
    Type 4 cyls, 1461cc, turbo-diesel
    Power 108.5bhp at 3900rpm
    Torque 25.3kgm at 2250rpm
    Type All-wheel drive
    Gearbox 6-speed manual
    Length 4315 mm
    Width 1822 mm
    Height 1695 mm
    Wheel base 2673 mm
    Boot volume 475 litres
    Ground clearance 205 mm
    Front McPherson struts with coil springs and stabilizer bar
    Rear Multilink with coil springs
    Front Ventilated discs
    Rear Drums
    Anti-lock Yes


     The Story in Pics on Google+

    Trip: #Dusterallwheeldrive Drive to Lavasa, courtesy Blogadda and Renault

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  9. The Periodic Table of Content Marketing – Must do Hacks for any Agency

    August 13, 2014 by bombaylives


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  10. The Sapling Project and Yours truly covered by City Plus

    August 10, 2014 by bombaylives

    “The joy of seeing a tree you’ve planted grow is unparalleled.”


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  11. Leveraging the Power of Social Media for Non-Profits

    August 8, 2014 by bombaylives


    The two main challenges that most Non-Profits face are: 1) Reaching out and engaging with the target audience & 2) Raising funds Amongst all the options on offer, taking the online route offers the best possible chances to overcoming these challenges. Some of the core benefits of going online are: 1) it is absolutely free! There are no costs involved in reaching out to people across multiple online platforms & 2) It offers the quickest possible way to reach out to a significantly large number of people in the shortest possible time, thereby improving the chances of engaging with a sizeable audience.

    Have been part of a Non-Profit myself (www.thesaplingproject.com), I’ve faced these very same challenges in the past. Through carefully planned & executed activation’s, we have leveraged the power of Social Media to snowball the idea of distributing Saplings for Plantation in an effort to green our neighbourhoods into a pan-India movement.

    With the online world growing by leaps & bounds, it has become extremely crucial for Non-Profits to choose the right mix of platforms in order to maximize the potential for impact & change. So here’s a closer look at some of the more popular platforms that Non-Profits should be exploring further:


    Having a dedicated page for your Non-Profit, goes a long way towards building awareness in the medium to long-term & one can then look to forging a closer relationship with your target audience.



    This popular micro-blogging platform is a hot-bed for real-time conversations. This makes it a prime candidate for Non-Profits looking to engage in one-on-one conversations with their followers.

    While profit is not the motive when it comes to social causes, one does need a steady line of funding to maximize the impact of efforts. E-Commerce platforms like Wishberry & Paypal are quite popular amongst non-profits for online fund-raising activities.




    Services like Foursquare offer a great opportunity for Non-Profits to create listings on the various venues & places where they have a presence. Followers can then be engaged in a highly focused manner, based on their location.





    There’s no denying the power of the visual message. Services like Flickr & Instagram offer a great opportunity for Non-Profits to generate high levels of audience involvement by offering them a far-more immersive experience than their counterparts.








    If images impact the mind, words have the power to move the soul. Blogs are a great way to increase audience participation, share detailed updates on various initiatives & encourage contributions from the community. In-fact, the world is replete with examples of causes being picked up by mainstream media after having first being discovered on blogs.


    If you are a Non-Profit looking to establish & increase their online presence, then remember that no standalone platform is enough to serve all your needs. A mix of platforms would go on to improve your chances significantly. So choose well & here’s wishing you success in your next Social Cause!




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  12. Guy in #mumbailocal sleeping in Zen mode

    August 6, 2014 by bombaylives

    Guy in #mumbailocal sleeping in Zen mode

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