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‘I Change My City’ all set to transform Mumbai

Digitization has contributed significantly to rising civic standards. Social media in particular, has been instrumental in uniting citizens in a collective effort towards improving neighbourhoods. Civic issues are now tackled on a street level basis, making the system quicker & efficient. From connecting with fellow stakeholders to discussing issues & thrashing out solutions, civic management is getting a big boost from digitization.

Mumbai Potholes 1

Mumbai, for example, is home to more people than quite a few countries around the world. But civic standards leave much room for improvement; clogged drains, flooded roads, potholes and uncollected garbage, are but a few examples of this. The Resident Welfare Association (RWA) or Advanced Locality Management (ALM) programs are a great platform towards engaging with local civic authorities on improving things at the neighbourhood level. Navigating through multiple bureaucratic levels however, can be tough at times. Thanks to digitization however, taking things to the next level in improving civic standards has become easier. To begin, you must visit ‘IChangeMyCity’ and register.  Continue Reading