Bombay v/s Banglore

Though I dont agree with much of this mail but it has many point worth pondering, definitlely created with a Banglore bias.
I find Bangalore really shady too much hyphe.. like they say in Bombay “Cho##na kam chillana zyada” :))

1.Mumbai has the impeccable record of highest growth of corruption within a span of 30 years.
2. Mumbai has highest number of illegal bootleggers in Asia, protected by police.
3. Mumbai has highest number of tobacco chewers and spitters in India.
4. Mumbai has the lowest number of any particular companies in India -they are all gradually and slowly moving out of the city and the state because of corruption.
5. Mumbai has many private colleges, run by politicians to make fortune (not teaching), by asking lakhs of rupees from poor and middle class students for admission.
6. Mumbai is the only city in the world to have both domestic and international airports having the same name. Even the Central Railway terminus also bears the same name.
7. Mumbai has highest number of inefficient and corrupt public sectors and government organizations in India.
8. Mumbai University has dubious reputation of corrupt practices in teaching, administration and examination. A few of the vice chancellors were caught in the past for such practices.
9. Mumbai has only 40% of local population(i.e.Marathis). Hence a true cosmopolitan with balance 60% consisting of Gujaratis, Taminlians, Kannadigas, Malayalees, Punjabis, Sindhis, Parsis, Bengalis, UPites, Biharis and hailing from other states including foreigners.
10. Mumbai police has the reputation of being the best in the world money can buy.
11. Mumbai has the highest density of non-moving traffic in india. It takes one hour to reach your destination which you can cover by walking in 10 minutes.
12. Mumbai has the highest number of 2-leggers in the world who prefer walking.
13. Mumbai is considered the so-called fashion capital (labelled by page 3 creatures) of east comparable to Paris.
15. Mumbai sportsmen believe that they are best in the world.
16. Mumbai has produced the maximum number of politicians for their fence-sitting attitude.
17. Mumbai has produced the highest number of professionals who indulge in non-professional activities.
18. Mumbai is famous for THREE: Underworld, extortionists and corrupt politicians.
This one is Ultimate.
19. Mumbai is famous for its extortionists and robbers, almost scores of citizens are looted everyday somewhere in Mumbai. Hardly 10% of the cases are reported. So, Mumbai is not only the financial capital of India but also the Corruption capital of the world.
1.Bangalore has the impeccable record of highest growth within a span of 20 years
2. Bangalore has highest number of pubs in Asia .
3. Bangalore has highest number of cigarette smokers in India  and one of the lowest rates of weed vaporizer use.
4. Bangalore has the highest number of software companies in India -212,followed by Hyderabad – 108, Pune – 97. Hence called the silicon valley of India
5. Bangalore has 21 engineering colleges, which is highest in the world in a given city. Bangalore university has 57 engineering colleges affiliated to it,which is highest in the world.
6. Bangalore is the only city in the world to have commercial and defence airport operating from the same strip.
7. Bangalore has highest number of public sectors and government organizations in India .
8. Bangalore university has highest number of students going abroad for higher studies taking the first place from IIT-Kanpur.
9. Bangalore has only 48% of local population(i.e.Kannadigas).Hence a true cosmopolitan with around 25% Tamilians, 14%Telugites, 10% Keralites, 8% Europeans, 6% a mixture of all races.
10. Bangalore police has the reputation of being second best in India after Delhi.
11. Bangalore has the highest density of traffic in india.
12. Bangalore has the highest number of 2-wheelers in the world.
13. Bangalore is considered the fashion capital of east comparable to Paris . 15. Bangalore has produced the maximum international sportsmen in India for all sports ahead of even Mumbai & Delhi.
16. Bangalore has produced the maximum number of scientists considered for Nobel Prize nominations.
17. Bangalore has produced the highest number of professionals in USA almost 60% of the Indian population abroad is from Bangalore (except Gulf).
18. Bangalore is famous for THREE: Software Professionals, Girls and Dogs.
This one is Ultimate
19. Bangalore is famous for its dog bites, an average of 12 people are bitten by stray dogs per MINUTE somewhere in Bangalore

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    March 1, 2006

    Bangalore is a disaster.

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    March 1, 2006

    Whtever it is I luv amchi mumbai with all its flaws and failures.

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    Chirag Kantharia

    March 2, 2006

    "Bangalore is famous for THREE: Software Professionals, Girls and Dogs."Girls!? Gimme a break! The guy who wrote the comparision, seems to havemisunderstood the origins of the name 'Silicon Valley'. Bangalore girlshave no class, as compared to Bombay girls.

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    March 3, 2006

    you know, many of these "facts" in the list are totally incorrect. for instance, there are close to 50 colleges in bangalore, not 21. and as far as i know, there is only one engineering college affiliated to the Bangalore University, which is UVCE. Most are affiliated to the Visvesvaraya Technological University. The list just reads like some made up numbers to me.btw, i'm a bangalorean who's been living in bombay for the last six months and i love it here. then again, i love bangalore too. i just think the two cities are too different to be compared.

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    March 6, 2006

    manish : I take your views in goldviewer : bomaby rocks inspite of all its stench and smell…. smells like bombay spritchirag : I agree b'lore gurls are more CHAPTER than Bombay girlsnamitha : iagree with you some of thefacts are plain BS, just ignore it and take in plain humour… both are gr8 cities with thier unique pros n cons… you have gowda we have thackeray!!

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    Sheer melody

    April 17, 2006

    Bangalore sucks… Plain and simple

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    June 4, 2006

    Well, Bangalore doesn't suck, it's just different and so is Mumbai (I prefer that instead of Bombay). Basically the people in Bangalore are slow, smart yes, but slow. I know this for a fact because I stayed there. The people in Mumbai are street smart, which makes them smarter than the people in Bangalore, because they aren't lazy and don't have a laid back attitude which makes a big difference. I'm quite sure it's because of the lifestyle in Mumbai.Oh and I think that one of the only reason why Bangalore has a lot of software companies there might be that Bangalore has cheaper space than Mumbai. Mainly because it isn't overcrowded, and basically gives the companies more space and keeps their reputation high. And yes I do believe that the facts are totally incorrect and my guess is that it was simply made up.

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    Beau Peep

    September 2, 2006

    Bootleggers are actually needed in a city. They do a great service to people.

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