Bombay Darshan … MyZus style

I’ve given myself an award… PVC,VC champion movers n packers :))
I shall write to Rashtrapatijee to call me on 26th Jan and gimme da citation & nakli gold medal and also gimme da ceremonial elephant ride on Rajpath…

What did i do ??
Well I was associated, Involved,in-charge of shifting a record number of 7 times in 5 years….

2000 IITB Physics dept
2001 Cypress Bldg, Powai
2002 Daffodil Bldg, Powai
2003 Monica Bungalow, Old Cuffe Parade
2004 Sadhna House, Worli
2004 Mittal Tower, Nariman Pt
2005 Sun Mill Compound, Lower Parel (or Upper Worli 🙂 )
and so on……..
I think I, Nilesh and handyman Sawant should start a all Bombay movers, packers and system integrators for offices and wannabe offices.

I must have interacted with the who’s who of the world of carpenters,printers, card sellers, door makers, glass makers, key makers, plumbers, painters, tempos, hamaal’s, A/c walas, cablewalas, BMC, RBI, ROC, PF, STPI, hardware and compy vendors, PR agencies, Ad agencies, Estate Agents, Courier walahs, ISP’s, Stationery’s, Phoolwalah, paperwalas, jhol electricians from BSES,BMC, MTNL,Postmen, etc etc and more…..
All my visiting cards must be with these guy who must be utilizing the vacant the rear side of the card ad they usually do for lack of paper.

Well that’s life, but Duty hai karna padtha hai….. as the say in Bombay “Duniya mein jo bhi hota hai… peth aur uske neeche ke liye hota hai”

I think MyZus rocks and we will one day be a company that will make IITB and India proud…
check out for more on what we do…

I also think my company MyZus should convert 2 cargo containers or Caravans and operate from Churchgate to Virar and VT to Karjat on alternate weeks.

Tomoroww is day-2 of the shifting lotsa pending work….

7 Replies to “Bombay Darshan … MyZus style”

  1. WOW WOW WOW…kabhi hum aapke post ko parhte hein to kabhi aapke hunar ki daad dete hein…:)waise international service shuru karein to hum bhi de dein..shifting ka order aapko ;)amazing one sethu mone..I must say…bahut khoob!!!

  2. one more thing sethu mone..I will also recommend for that elephant ride…President ko mein bhi mail karti hoon bas…naam pata dena..:)Good luck!

  3. :):):)one hell of a difference your blog made (once again today) to a homesick mumbaikar.would you mind if i published your url on my blog? i swear its not a porn site :O)cheers~toinks

  4. oye toinks….sure, go ahead… even if it was porn… no issues :))do gimme da link… will share it was my friends…cheerssatish

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