Bit Late, But still :)

Happy New Year.

Factors like Hectic work, chaos theory, Violence in Gaza & Sexy winter prevented me from scribbling a lazy post for the new year.

Some things I intend to do this year :-
• Get more people to start playing Counter Strike.
• Read more books ( Also finish the books I’ve bought)
• Cook more often.
• Go for a holiday.
• Make some Partpayment on my home loan.
• Invest a bit in the Stock market.
• Get up early and help Deepthi with household chores.
• Get that Online Portal Live soon!!
• Attend and participate at MoMo’s Twitter meets, Bar Camps, Blog Camps
• Be more Offline than Online.
• Be Helpful & Not worry much about Campaigns.
• Be good to all as usual and if possible share a drink.
• Some other things I cant share now, will share later 

And yes am reachable at any time for anything I can be of help.

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