Balu .T gas lost it :):).. raul strikes back!!

Rahul Gandhi hits out at Bal Thackarey
   By: PTI
   November 9, 2004

Amethi: Hitting back at Bal Thackarey, Congress MP Rahul Gandhi today said the Sena Supremo should concentrate on “doing something” for Mahrashtra instead of looking for a bride for him.

“I shall definitely consider the recommendation of Thackarey,” Rahul quipped when pointed out that the Sena supremo had said that he would look for a “Hindustani bride” for him.

He, however, replied with an emphatic no when asked whether he would be “seeing” the girl recommended by Thackerey.

The first-time MP asked Thackerey to do “something for Maharashtra instead of looking for a bride for him.”

“I am open to suggestions and proposals from any quarters on any matter. I am still learning. Even if some one abuses me I shall hear it but the decision would be mine.”

Partners in crime?

Partners in crime?
A FAIRLY crowded BEST bus leaving from Colaba saw a man occupying the seat
that’s meant only for ladies.

At one of the bus-stops along the way, a young lady boarded the bus and asked
the gentleman to vacate the seat. The man started grumbling. Then shouting.
‘‘If you ask the woman on the other side to vacate her seat, I will do so as
well,’’ he said.

The woman decided to shut up and continued standing. At the Jijamata Udyan bus
stop, the man alighted. So did the woman sitting across the aisle from him. As
they began chatting and walking off, the woman on the bus was left wondering if
this was another of the city’s scams.

One thing is for sure in Bombay paisa mango milega, dil manga milega, seat
maango… sorry boss!!!

cool flash about WMD’s – check it out

an awesome flash about WMD :)), thought of sharing wid ya guys !!

sensex up by 50 pts

Markets up by 50 points. My stocks are also up. Some bad luck had sold Financial tech at 91 yesterday(Friday) its 106 bucks now…
anyways WTF.. u win some u loose some :):)

Sensex 5,926.85 35.49
Nifty 1,862.80 10.50
Govinda’s 1,500 sq ft of illegal tabela!
   By: Krishnakumar
   November 8, 2004


The Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) wants to demolish an illegal tabela that actor and North Mumbai MP Govinda has built inside his bungalow at Madh Island, Malad. The tabela covers 1,500 square feet and houses 25 cows.

maaan this guys never seems to surprise me :):) u make a crore rupees to start a tabela :)))


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kinks courtest my friend arun.

daddy needs protection

MLA Arun Gawli wants cops to protect him
November 6, 2004

Alleged gangster-turned-legislator Arun Gawli is now looking forward to being
provided with police protection so that ”he can serve the people better”.
Gawli expressed this desire to newly-elected Speaker of the Maharashtra Assembly
Babasaheb Kupekar.

wot next… roadside pickpockets and pimps also becoming MLA :):).. god save the
poor cops!!

best buys for da week

  • Centurion bank (8 bucks)
  • JK synthetics (20 bucks)
  • Financial Tech (If it reaches 90)

best buys for da week

  • Centurion bank (8 bucks)
  • JK synthetics (20 bucks)
  • Financial Tech (If it reaches 90)

the blog starts here

hi all,

finallllllly i’m back on da blog scene….. been kinda bored and tied up wid lotsaa things…

myzus, no cable net, no monies at time :):) .

The stock markets seem to be rocking.. will try to post my inside tips and stories about the markets as and when i get them. As usual i shall always post the cool links and stories i gather from crawling from around da WWW.