About me

About me

Satish Vijaykumar,
Bombay, India
Co-Founder – The Sapling Project,Bombayite, Gulf Returnee, Blogger, Rookie Investor, Flickr Addict & Whiskey Drinker
  • prathmesh

    your blog is reeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaallllllllyyyyyyyyyy ccooooooooooooooollll………………….the only thing is please call this city MUMBAI…..british rule is over lets bring BHARAT back in this stupid new INDIA

    • Anonymous

      thanks Prathmesh

  • Raviprakash

    Hi Satheesh

    good luck for all your initiatives

  • Elizabeth

    Hey, I just wanted to pop in and say that u hav a pretty cool & interesting blog… Originally I was looking for more info on the sapling project after coming across it on google during one of my boredom induced searches; got a good laugh out of the 84 things not to do in Bombay list..Especially the one abt not wearing nice shoes to temples, actually to be honest that's the only one I laughed at bc that was the only one I understood… Ne ways, it was fun reading nd I hope u keep blogging.(shutting up now, =])

    • thanks :), I hope you have signed up for the sapling project on the website.

  • Hong Kong Whiskey Dr

    Love your blog. It brings back memories of my childhood in Mumbai.

    I haven't been back in 10 years and your blog makes me want to head back soon.

    • Anonymous

      You should head back 🙂

  • satinderad

    Glad to see Mumbai details.

    Nice site.


    • Anonymous

      Thanks Satinder

  • rathi menon

    wonderful (adipoli)job,satish!enjoyed every bit of your blog.evert part,every incident and every instance of mumbai seems so familiar!-gulfee(not returned as yet)

    • Anonymous

      Thanks Rathi 🙂

  • Thanks everyone, Do feel free to share your views/suggestions on what you want to be added/edited on the blog.

  • Anonymous

    thanks Raviprakash

  • Hey Satish!

    Good job sapling team!

    my daughter turns 1 year on December 2nd….much rather gift saplings to all kids and have them planted in our building.

    kindly contact me on 9892 348 605.

    i live at malabar hill, mumbai. Thnx!

    looking fwd talking to you soon.


    • Hi Vibha, I'm at work will give you a call in the evening.


    • you can buy the saplings from Fulrani Nursery, Dadar 99206 95173 you can give my reference

  • peepal baba

    love this page ! great work !

  • Priyanka

    Hey Satish! Just wanted to check with you since you have a super blog, if you could promote this event. http://tinyurl.com/lnool9c
    It’s a non profit educational initiative called NODE Workshops run by two colleagues and me. Do let me know if I can email you further details and we can take it forward. Ta!

    • Sure send me the details Satish@bombaylives:disqus .com

      • Priyanka

        Hi Satish.

        I sent you the email last evening. However, it has bounced back. Could you please be the super best and send me a test email at nodeworkshops@gmail.com
        Thanks a ton!

  • Akash Jain

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  • Balaji

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