3 Great Books about Bombay

There are many ways to culturally enrich yourself in Bombay, but sometimes it is nice to just pick up a book and read about the city that you love. These books bring Bombay alive on their pages, and are a great read for any Bombay lover.


1. Maximum City: Bombay Lost and Found by Suketu Mehta


In this story Mehta, draws the reader into Bombay with his words. The author is a Bombay native bringing authenticity and a realness to his words. The book is a nonfiction read and it is combines the elements of a memoir, travel writing, and about the history of Bombay. He writes as a native and an outsider, giving the book a unique feel and making it relevant to those that are natives and those who are not. Mehta who lived in Bombay but then moved with his family to New York, talks about the changes of the city upon his return, including some controversial subjects surrounding the developing city. The book was a finalist for the Pulitzer Prize in 2005. It is a great read in general, but especially for those that hold Bombay dear to their hearts.


2. Breathless in Bombay by Murzban F. Shroff


In this fiction book, Shroff compiles 14 riveting tales that are set in contemporary Bombay. The stories feature different characters in different situations, each equally as intriguing as the next. Each of these stories is created with the beautiful story setting of Bombay, making the stories rich and all the more interesting. The reader not only gets an emotional journey through the stories, but also a cultural one. You can truly see the author’s love for Bombay throughout the book, and also his understanding of the city.


3. Ravan & Eddie by Kiran Nagarkar


Once again set in Bombay, this story brings together two unlikely companions. Eddie a boy who has grown up catholic and Ravan who is Hindu. The two boys grew up in the same chawl, and have been linked since they were young due to an incident when they were both babies. This story shows the life journey for two seemingly unlikely heros. This book will make you laugh and is an all around enjoyable and heartwarming story.

These three books will bring the Bombay you know and love to life from the pages. I suggest ordering the books off of Flipkart and look here to get some coupons before you do so. Happy Reading!

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